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Kanna shares Wisdom!

Kanna was not well from last few days. He couldn’t go to school even today, that’s 3 days in a row. But being sick doesn’t make a 4-year-old to lay down and rest all the time. He wanted to play ‘the Yes-No’ game. In this game, one person tries to make the other one say yes or no. When you say yes or no, you are out of the game. He got this game from Peppa Pig.

So it was my turn to make him  say yes or no. And I started with my questions. Here goes:

“Are you happy, Kanna?”

He nodded yes.

I continued, “Why are you happy? You are not well. You can’t go to school. Then why are you happy?”

He replied,”Because I like to be happy.”

How simple isn’t it? Have you ever thought to be happy because you like to be happy? I haven’t, not until now! His reasoning amazed me. Whoever said age makes you wise was wrong. Here barely 5-year-old kid is teaching me life lessons without making a big fuss about it.

Thus turned a simple yes-no game session into a wisdom sharing segment by Kanna.

Linking this to NaBloPoMo November – Day 19.

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0 thoughts on “Kanna shares Wisdom!”

  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    What a thought!
    Everybody likes to be happy but what stops them from staying happy? Kids teach us to be happy without any reason.

    1. Vinitha says:

      True that, Anamika. 🙂

      1. the bespectacled mother says:

        Hope you are feeling better today. Glad to sew u back 🙂

        1. Vinitha says:

          Not better yet. The temperature is on the negative side here. So getting rid of cold and fever will take time I guess. I’m just answeing the comments. 🙂

  2. Tamsin North says:

    I learn things from my children, aged 4 and 2, all the time. Especially when I am willing to actually stop and listen. I hope Kanna feels better soon!

    1. Vinitha says:

      They teach us better than anyone. 🙂 Thank you Tamsin.

  3. navinshares says:

    We have a lot to learn from our kids. They are innocent and so are their views about the world. They prove humanity exist.

    1. Vinitha says:

      Of course there is a lot to learn from kids. 🙂

  4. kismet says:

    Í love Kanna’s wisdom…you should start a series called *kanna says so* 🙂

    1. Vinitha says:

      That’s a nice idea. Maybe someday I will do that, Kismet 🙂

  5. shanx says:

    I love to read about Kanna and I am always left with a wide smile after such posts 🙂 (y)

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you, Shashank 🙂

  6. writingwingsforyou says:

    This is why I love teaching five and six year olds. They are so wise and remind us every day what’s most important.
    I will carry Kanna’s words in my heart always, for he is truly wise. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. 🙂

  7. aseemrastogi2 says:

    Lovely :). Children learn to be happy without a reason while we adults always find reasons to be sad and depressed. So much to learn from them :D.

  8. ajaybpai says:

    Kanna is definitely a bundle of Wisdom! God bless him

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