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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Gratitude Joy!

One more day for January to say bye to us. No other month is welcomed with this importance. January comes with a new and fresh start to the same old life. At the end of this month, I realize it was just like any other

Word Of The Year 2016

Last year I had chosen my Word of the Year and it worked well, sort of. Choosing the word helped me in clearing my head and getting a grip. Oh no, it wasn’t any magic wand. It was only a word. But whenever the situation went

Runaway Grapes!

“Amma, you gave me runaway grapes for snack today.” “What do you mean?” “One of them ran away while I was having them, so it must have been runaway grapes!” And so it has begun – the jokes! Do you think he will give it

Of heaven and beliefs!

The other day Kanna asked me about heaven. One of his friends told that we go to heaven when we die. He asked me if I thought so too. Kanna wasn’t aware of the concept of heaven or hell until now. I replied that I will

New Year goals #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays

As the calendar changed to 2016, I made some plans and goals for the new year. Making plans, now that’s my favorite part. So I took out my notepad and wrote down each and everything I want to do on a monthly basis and then

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