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Word Of The Year 2016

Last year I had chosen my Word of the Year and it worked well, sort of. Choosing the word helped me in clearing my head and getting a grip. Oh no, it wasn’t any magic wand. It was only a word. But whenever the situation went out of my hand, there were times I remembered this word that I chose at the beginning of 2015 and the reason behind choosing that particular word helped me in retaining my sanity. Setting up a word for the year isn’t precisely along the lines of setting up new year resolutions. I found it more like a flashlight showing me the path when I waver at times.

Last time the word was Calm. This year, it is already 21st and I struggled a bit to come up with a word that can motivate me throughout the year. Three words kept coming back and I just couldn’t decide. Finally, I decided.

Word of the Year for 2016 is KIND.


Be kind to the self, when it hurts, when things fail,

Be kind to others, on every waking moment,

Be kind in giving my feedback,

Be kind in accepting any feedback,

Be kind in appreaciating the self and others,

Be kind when there is nothing else to do!

It is just a word, and an easy one at that, but I know that it is hard to keep up with. Often I find myself being harsh with me, if I miss a deadline or if I fail to clean up the house or if I get sick. I am hoping that choosing the word Kind as the Word of 2016 will help me to stop accusing myself on an everyday basis and to show more kindness towards me.

And if I can be kind to myself, I will be kinder to others. What you say?

Linking with Laurel of Alphabet Salad.

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21 thoughts on “Word Of The Year 2016”

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    A great concept…choosing the word and working on it.

  2. Love, Life and Whatever says:

    Rightly chosen and there lies a world within that word.

  3. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Great choice, Vinitha. And I agree with you – our first duty of kindness should be towards ourselves.

  4. Roshan Radhakrishnan says:

    This definitely is a new concept for me and something I really should consider. I think my choice of word would be HAPPY. 🙂

  5. Laurel Regan says:

    What a lovely choice of word for 2016. The world could certainly do with a lot more kindness! I wish you all the best throughout the coming year. 🙂

  6. Vidya Sury says:

    I love your word and the “Be kind” lines that followed it! All the best for a great 2016, Vinitha

  7. Rekha @ Dew Drops says:

    Word of the year…never really thought about it. If I were to choose, it’ll be FEED.

  8. Ajay Pai says:

    A concept and the emotion that is required in this current world / scenario.

  9. Me Otherwise says:

    Thought he wourd may be small, thought the word you have chosen may sound simple …”kind” …. look deep within it is ctually pretty profound… Hope You year is filled with it in abundance 🙂

  10. Vasantha Vivek says:

    I hope it’s not too late for this year, Vinitha. Your idea of ” Word of the Year ” sounds good. And I hope it would do wonders to me also. So happy to join with you …. I’m working on mine ….. 🙂

    1. Vinitha says:

      It is not my idea, Vasantha. It is Laurel’s. And no, you are not late. The linky will be up till the end of January. You can find the linky here: Waiting to read your choice word of the year. 🙂

      1. Vasantha Vivek says:

        Oh….That’s great, Vinitha. Thanks for directing me kindly. You are working on your word … I hope …. 😛

  11. Sid Balachandran says:

    Great choice of word for the year, Vinitha.
    Something we could all do with.

  12. catchats says:

    Kind is a wonderful word to pick and I especially like how you’ve chosen to first focus on being kind to yourself and then others. We women can beat ourselves up about so many things feeling inadequate about our looks, our skills, you name it. We need to be kinder to ourselves and realize we are not perfect but are doing the best we can and that’s pretty darn good. All the best to you for a KIND 2016!

  13. Beloo Mehra says:

    I have never done this word of the year thing, but reading your post makes me rethink now. Maybe I should 🙂 Kindness is something I definitely need to work on, but no I am not stealing your word. Let me see what pops up in my mind!

  14. Anonymous says:

    A word can become aagic wand as in your case last year Vinita.Nice.

  15. rudraprayaga says:

    A word can be a magic wand in need. Well done.

    1. Vinitha Dileep says:

      Yes, a word can be a magic wand, indeed. I am hoping to experience the magic of Kind this year. 🙂 Have a great 2016, Sarala. 🙂

  16. Shantala says:

    A great choice for WOTY. It is something that we can all use more of in our lives.
    Wishing you a great 2016. 🙂

    1. Vinitha Dileep says:

      Thank you Shantala. I loved your Word of the Reading Year choice and the Bookish Bingo. 🙂 All the best to you dear. 🙂

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