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 Hi there,
My name is Vinitha. My life pretty much revolves around my husband and our 4 year old boy.
Two months back we moved to UK from India as part of my husband’s job. Before that we were in US for 6 years – again as part of my husband’s job. Then came January of 2014 when we shifted back to India. 
In short for the past 6 months my routine pretty much included packing the bags and unpacking half of it and packing up again. Trust me its exhausting, specially for someone like me who hates the not knowing part, the non planning moments. 
I am not a spontaneous personI like spontaneous long drives, long walks, shoppings. That’s about it. 
I like to plan ahead.
But I’m deprived of that privillage for the last few months. 
I was a software professional- that was ages ago, before I became a wife and mother. I couldn’t work in US because of visa restrictions. 
Then when we were moving to UK people kept telling me, there I can work legally.
I regret for letting myself falling for that fool’s dream. You ask why. Let me tell you why. 
Remember I have a 4 year old at home. Play schools are full now. We are waiting to hear back about the school application. And schools reopen only in September. 
I went online. Found a few software companies, jobs which I felt is good for me. Then realized most jobs are little far from my place and needs me to be at work from 8 to 5 a day. Even if I manage to get a job from September when my son goes to school who will drop him to and pick him up from school? 
So there goes my career dreams. 
And there lies the how and why behind this blog’s birth.
I like to write. I secretly wish to be known as a writer. It will become a dream come true if I could ever publish a book. But trust me I am nowhere near in accomplishing that dream. Well, one day I might!!! *sigh*!!
I write on and off. Very very inconsitent. Its not that I don’t have ideas or thoughts provoking me into writing. Sometimes for reasons I quite dont know I dont write. Sometimes by the time I get time to sit and note my thoughts down those might have gone their way, leaving the empty paper behind. Does that happen to you too?? 
Mommy in me has been born and active since December 30th of 2009.
 This blog will be bearing the tiredness, sleep deprivations, the laughters, and all sort of mommy-hood experiences I have been through till now and those awaiting me.
You can catch me at Void Thoughts too.
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27 thoughts on “About”

  1. kinmin says:

    I’ve read that a blog is a great way to get started if you want to be a writer, and I’ve seen a few people do it! So good luck! And you might be able to find a job along with daycare arrangements for your son in a year or so, once you are settled in UK…
    And I’m so excited to see that I share my birthday with your son!! I know that it’s not a big deal, but I haven’t come across many people born on Dec 30th, so I’m excited!!

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you for taking time to read and sharing your thoughts with me.. :)
      Good to know that you share birthday with my son.. He is excited too.. Its nice huh!! :)

  2. AJ says:

    Good luck with your job hunt. I’m also an inconsistent writer, I understand what you’re saying completely!

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you for stopping by AJ. :)

  3. the bespectacled mother says:

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! You can find out more about my nomination here:

  4. Sreejith Nair says:

    Hello Vinitha,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog.

    I could very well relate to your thoughts, being a once upon a time techie (not that long back anyway) :)
    Hope to hear more fro you and Have a great time :)

    1. Vinitha says:

      It was my pleasure.. Have seen your blog in sajith’s fb. Thank you for taking time to stop by mine.

      1. Sreejith Nair says:

        Yea, Sajith used to share my blog posts.

        Have a beautiful day, Vinitha :)

  5. Shalzzz says:

    Love the new look and such an innocent profile pic. Wow… Good luck, Vinitha :)

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you, Shalini. :) I am glad you liked the new look.

  6. Sankeerth Shinde says:

    So, this is the story of Vinitha Dileep :)

    Yeah, the writing stuff you said happens with me too 😛 But, that’s okay. Everything has perfect timing, I believe and someday you will start writing a book of you own.

    Good Luck Mam!!

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Sankeerth. I will visit you soon. Have been putting off visiting so many blogs now owing to the change in schedules, and yours is one among those blogs. Will stop by soon. :)

  7. vandana says:

    Kudos to you! For a woman family comes first and you are lucky to have your kid with you. husband has gone to

  8. SRS says:

    Hey! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some encouragement :) My son is 2 and i work so life is very crazy…I could totally identify with what you have written out here. I used to paint and read loads before and now I just can’t seem to do anything as I seem to be exhausted all the time! Well, I hope I can do some good as far as my writing is concerned….Good luck to you too – u seem to be doing a great job out here :)

  9. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) says:

    Thank you for visiting my story.. I did not find an entry from Friday Fictioneers… Regarding your career I think that many software companies would allow to work from home part time.. so maybe it is possible to combine. There is always a big need for software developer.. But writing is a lot of fun too…

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Bjorn. You can read my entry to Friday Fictioneers on my other blog To tell the truth, I am enjoying the writing part too much now to worry about my career. :) Writing is fun and liberating. :)Thank you for visiting. :)

  10. Samjoth says:

    Hey hi Vinitha !!
    Was reading random blogs, and I am happy to have reached here..
    An honest intro,and liked it .!!
    Hoping to stay in touch ..!!
    See you around !!

    1. Vinitha says:

      Thank you for visiting Samjoth. Come back again. :)

      1. Samjoth says:

        Will sure do so..!! :)

  11. Shantala says:

    Hi Vinitha,

    I was browsing through several blogs when I landed on yours. Your about-me section was what got my attention instantly. I can relate to what you have written here, as I had pursued my Masters Degree in Finance & worked as a Research Analyst before getting married, and ever since marriage and the move to US, the visa restrictions forced me to be a stay-at-home mom to my now 3 year old. I must say however, I quite enjoyed the time that I got with my little one, which would not have been possible had I been working all along. I started blogging as a creative outlet too. :)


  12. the bespectacled mother says:

    Every award nomination that comes my way does not feel complete without thinking of you. So here again I am nominating you for being my inspiration. You can find the details in the link

    1. Vinitha says:

      So sweet of you, Anamika. Thank you for the award. And congrats to you!! :)

  13. G Angela says:

    Nice to know you through this post; wish you the very best !!

    1. Vinitha Dileep says:

      Thank you, Angela. Hope to see you around here. :)

  14. Vasantha Vivek says:

    Hai Vinitha,

    I have nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Hope you would love to take part. Feel free to check out my latest post for more info –

    1. Vinitha Dileep says:

      Thank you for thinking about me, Vasantha. I wrote a post with quotes with all 3 quotes in the same one.

  15. Rowena says:

    Juggling parenting, work and fulfillment is tricky but I wish you well. My kids are now 12 and 10 and things have changed. They’re pretty busy with activities so instead of comforting a baby during the night, it’s taxi duty but these trips are also a good opportunity to touch base.
    All the best.
    xx Rowena

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