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#MicroblogMondays – Surviving an unintentional challenge

Yesterday we walked around 10 kilometers, ie. 6.2miles. It wasn’t intentional at all. We set out to the park where the fair and fun was happening. But since they were still in the process of setting up, we thought to stop by at the marathon organized

Erasing from the past, would you? #FridayReflections

If you could erase one person from your past, would you? The question stared at me. And there, the charades of people with instances that scorched my soul, that I wanted to and would like to erase from my past flashed before my eyes. Oh no,

#MicroblogMondays – Keeping up with the ‘Word of the Year’

Schools are reopening here this week after the summer vacation. We are still waiting to hear back from the School Admissions about Kanna’s admission. According to the Admissions Office, we will hear back from them before September 18th. It’s a long wait. Kanna hasn’t been

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