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What’s my favorite? #MondayMusings #mg

Kanna was always full of questions. What? Why? How? Where? I have heard them over and over in different forms and textures in these past eight years. I’m sure you will agree with me if you have spent some time with kids, that their incessant questions are

Parenting is not easy, neither is catching a breath if you are a parent! #MondayMusings

    You know what they say about working from home. That it is not easy. Well, add a 16-month-old to the mix and there you have it – a cocktail of the most unproductive working hours with tiredness, restlessness, and impatience growing at an

The effect of a good book #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

“When I grow up and get married and have children, I would read this book to my kids,” said Kanna as we were reading the book ‘Wonder’.  Wonder is their current read at school. Whenever they start reading a new book in his class, Kanna asks me to

Nothing but a motherhood rant #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

It was Kanna’s fall break last week. That was one whole week of two kids at home. I love having Kanna at home. He doesn’t trouble me. In fact, he helps me when he is up for it. Usually, we spend holidays by visiting the

Runaway Grapes!

“Amma, you gave me runaway grapes for snack today.” “What do you mean?” “One of them ran away while I was having them, so it must have been runaway grapes!” And so it has begun – the jokes! Do you think he will give it

A week to remember! #FridayReflections

Last week was Kanna’s half term break. Last week we were busy with Kanna’s daily swim lessons, the visit to the library and the continuous rain. It was cold throughout. And of course, this week came and put the last one on the warmer side.

#MicroblogMondays – Funny bits from Kanna

Amma, I want cookies. You can give me as many as you would like, but don’t give me low numbers okay? Why is the sky never ending? Why is Mr.Bean called Mr.Bean, why not BT or George? You might have guessed the people involved in

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And off he goes..

Yesterday Kanna started his first day of Year one at his new school. Unlike last year, he was a little nervous this time. He talked less, answered only when he was asked,  made less eye contact, but he didn’t say that he was nervous or

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Why boys should cry..

Haven’t we all heard that boys won’t cry! I have a boy and I never stopped him whenever he was in tears. I offer consoling words. I hug him. But never told him that he should not cry, because boys won’t cry. Here are few

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Positive reinforcement to discipline kids

No matter how many times we tell NO, kids will come up with new scenarios where we have to repeat the same old NO. After a while, the word NO loses its charm and our little ones will throw tantrums with no problem whatsoever! Then

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