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Runaway Grapes!

“Amma, you gave me runaway grapes for snack today.” “What do you mean?” “One of them ran away while I was having them, so it must have been runaway grapes!” And so it has begun – the jokes! Do you think he will give it

A week to remember! #FridayReflections

Last week was Kanna’s half term break. Last week we were busy with Kanna’s daily swim lessons, the visit to the library and the continuous rain. It was cold throughout. And of course, this week came and put the last one on the warmer side.

#MicroblogMondays – Funny bits from Kanna

Amma, I want cookies. You can give me as many as you would like, but don’t give me low numbers okay? Why is the sky never ending? Why is Mr.Bean called Mr.Bean, why not BT or George? You might have guessed the people involved in

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And off he goes..

Yesterday Kanna started his first day of Year one at his new school. Unlike last year, he was a little nervous this time. He talked less, answered only when he was asked,  made less eye contact, but he didn’t say that he was nervous or

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#MicroblogMondays – Because I’m 5 now!

Kanna celebrated his 5th birthday less than three weeks ago. He was very excited that his birthday was coming up. We thought once the birthday is done, the excitement will get settled and shelved in for the next year. After the birthday, every sentence of

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Kanna shares Wisdom!

Kanna was not well from last few days. He couldn’t go to school even today, that’s 3 days in a row. But being sick doesn’t make a 4-year-old to lay down and rest all the time. He wanted to play ‘the Yes-No’ game. In this

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Future thoughts by Kanna!

Kanna wants a doggy and a baby. These two are in his list for quite some time now. To give us time, we told him that we get a doggy and a baby once we are back in Phoenix. But the truth is we don’t

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Kanna Strikes again

“Amma, I want to get married.” “You can get married when you are a big boy like Acha(dad). See, you are so little now. I have to drop and pick up you at the school. When you grow big and start going to work like

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We the Runners..

Yesterday we went for our first run as a family. My husband usually goes for running alone.  This time the three of us ran together.And it was my first time running. I was skeptical going for running with my kid. But he did good. Kept

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