Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Motherhood Parenting Adventures

When you care for a new baby

Motherhood is an exciting journey. So exciting that if we are not prepared well to tend to the newborn, it may wear us down. It doesn’t matter how tiny the new life is, having a small delicate baby and tending to him/her all time can be really exhausting. So, how do you cope with that? […]

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Parenting Adventures

The ME TIME dilemmas

When I had my baby 5 years back, me and my husband were alone in another part of the world away from  the rest of our family. I had my husband as a support system, but I was the only one with the baby 24/7. I stole power naps whenever my new baby took nap. […]

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Motherhood Parenting Adventures

The Creative Parents

I never considered myself as the creative type, even when I used to scribble down pieces of poems on my notebook. That was just fragments of my imagination finding its way out of my mind onto a paper, that’s how I treated them and me. I was never good at making crafts. The truth is, […]

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MicroBlog Mondays Parenting Adventures

#MicroblogMondays – A Conversation on Death

“Why do people die?” That’s the question Kanna asks every day now. I told him that when people get old they die. Since these conversations happen during his bedtime I did not want to go to the root of the problem. His next question was, “Then my Grandpa will die too?” He adores his Grandpa, […]

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Life Motherhood Parenting Adventures

Why I stay back

Kanna’s school hour starts at 8:50 in the morning. Most of the days, we reach school at around 8:40. As soon as he is inside the school grounds, he will run to the playground to join his friends. They all have to line up at the same playground when the bell goes off at 8:50. […]

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Kanna's Corner MicroBlog Mondays Parenting Adventures

#MicroblogMondays – Because I’m 5 now!

Kanna celebrated his 5th birthday less than three weeks ago. He was very excited that his birthday was coming up. We thought once the birthday is done, the excitement will get settled and shelved in for the next year. After the birthday, every sentence of his is followed by “Because I am 5 now!” 5 […]

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Kanna's Corner Life Personal

Kanna shares Wisdom!

Kanna was not well from last few days. He couldn’t go to school even today, that’s 3 days in a row. But being sick doesn’t make a 4-year-old to lay down and rest all the time. He wanted to play ‘the Yes-No’ game. In this game, one person tries to make the other one say […]

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Kanna's Corner Parenting Adventures Personal

Future thoughts by Kanna!

Kanna wants a doggy and a baby. These two are in his list for quite some time now. To give us time, we told him that we get a doggy and a baby once we are back in Phoenix. But the truth is we don’t know if or when we will be back in Phoenix, […]

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Blogging Parenting Adventures Random Thoughts

The Parents of Digital Kids

My four-year-old son is using gadgets since he was one and a half-year-old. That was when we got an iPad. He never use/used gadgets without supervision. We let him play game and watch videos on iPad. It is so easy to use and to learn to use, that he figured out how to access the apps […]

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Parenting Adventures Random Thoughts

That question which annoys me!

There is one question which I hear many times from different people which I never could understand why they are asking it. Most of you know that my kid is going to school now. The question I face is “Are you bored when he is at school?” All I want to say is, “Hell, No!!” […]

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