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What doesn’t kill you.. #writebravely #Writetribeproblogger

..makes you stronger. This song was playing on the radio while I was driving today morning. This line “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” was stuck in my mind. While it was inspiring to listen to the song, I kept thinking if it was

Word Of The Year 2016

Last year I had chosen my Word of the Year and it worked well, sort of. Choosing the word helped me in clearing my head and getting a grip. Oh no, it wasn’t any magic wand. It was only a word. But whenever the situation went

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Why boys should cry..

Haven’t we all heard that boys won’t cry! I have a boy and I never stopped him whenever he was in tears. I offer consoling words. I hug him. But never told him that he should not cry, because boys won’t cry. Here are few

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Success first then happiness? 

Really? Think again. Can you be happy only if you are successful? That’s going to be a painful life at least for me if I can be happy only if I am successful! I mean, can anyone ever be happy like that? So you got a

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Why I stay back

Kanna’s school hour starts at 8:50 in the morning. Most of the days, we reach school at around 8:40. As soon as he is inside the school grounds, he will run to the playground to join his friends. They all have to line up at

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NaBloPoMo February

I have signed up for NaBloPoMo for this month. Blogging daily is a great exercise for those writing muscles, no doubt there. I have signed up for NaBloPoMo in October and November and blogged daily until I fell ill. I am not happy with the way

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International Blog Delurking Week 2015

Now, I am quite late to post this post. The International Blog Delurking Week started off at the 4th of January and it ends tomorrow. First full week of the New Year is declared as International Blog Delurking Week. How do I know this? I

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Word of the Year 2015

I first read about the Word of the Year at Alphabet Salad by Laurel. The idea is to choose a word for the whole year and this word will set the tone and focus for the year. At first, I was a little skeptical as

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I am Thankful..

December was hectic with the sickness going on and off in our family. The wet, cold weather wasn’t helping us in the slightest. By the end of the term, that was one and a half weeks ago, Kanna was so tired. Every morning he was

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Welcome 2015!!

Here we are at the last steps of 2014. As the calendar reveals 2015, does the new dawn really brings in new joys as we wish to each other? Isn’t it going to be the same day like today and yesterday? Same people, same routine,

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