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Gratitude for June!

It’s already July. Can you believe that we’ve reached the second half of 2018? Of course, time is not running or flying by, but it seems so. Chasing my little one from one tabletop to another, my days appear longer and exhausting, but not without giving out the feeling that how quickly time is passing. My growing kids and greying hair stands a testimony to this reality.

Gratitude for June

June was filled with gratitude moments. Starting from going back to work, visit from family relatives, get together of friends, blogging challenges, summer holidays and playdates and many more moments visited our home last month.

Personal front

So, this month saw me going back to work. Not my old one where I worked as a software engineer. Teaching coding to kids was a different experience altogether. I’m not lying when I say their excitement drove me in the right direction. It was challenging of course, but at the end of the day, we all went home happily. I got some time away from my kids, which made me realize how much I missed them. Not to mention that I enjoyed every bit of driving to work alone with no one fussing in the backseat. 🙂


Reading took a backseat this month owing to the busy schedule I had to manage. I could pick up a book only by the second half of the month. I am reading Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer. It’s been an interesting read so far, but I’m still in the first quarter of the book. Though my one book each month target got disrupted last month, I am taking it easy having read three books the month before that. I’m focussing on finishing one chapter every day to keep the reading habit alive. Being able to spend half an hour with a book of my choice is something I look forward to and am grateful for.

Friends and Family

It was nice to have my cousin and her family over at our place. Kanna and Akku had a fabulous time with my two nephews. It was great with a lot of noise and chatter and laughter. We also had some friends visit us last month. There was a lot of cooking and eating, and of course, the interaction and banter that followed. Needless to say, I’m grateful for all those moments that brought such happiness.


It was an okay month blogging wise considering how busy I was. I blogged about a Thank you note to Kanna’s teacher and emailed it to her and she was so happy to read it. There were many moments in June when I felt the need to write another gratitude post, but due to the time crunch, I just couldn’t. During the last week of June, I participated in Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words. The challenge gave my other blog the love and attention it was craving for.  blogging daily wasn’t easy, but I was able to manage. Thank God for that (not forgetting my kids who let me write and blog!)!

Health and Fitness

This is where I dropped the ball last month. I couldn’t show up on my yoga mat every day as I wanted to. As a result, my back pain stopped by and is carrying on with its extended stay on my back, of course. I did continue with my walk, but I have to focus a little more on staying fit. End of June, I fell sick. Thankfully some rest and green tea gave me the necessary boost to get up and get going, though it meddled with the blogging challenge a bit.

Life In General

End of May Kanna’s school closed for summer holidays. I have mixed feelings about holidays now. Before Akku came into our lives, I used to look forward to holidays. I can’t say that having Kanna around is not a blessing, because he does take care of his little brother, play with him and all that. But at some point in the day, I end up with two disgruntled kids and a clueless mom. However, I still love these holidays and now I’m a bit worried about how to handle the little one when his big brother goes back to school in August! For now, I’m going to enjoy the happy moments as they are and try to look past the difficult ones as they should.

All in all, June was a filling month. I feel like I had done a lot more than usual and I am satisfied with the way everything turned out. It wasn’t a perfect month, but I have no complaints about you, June. You were kind to me!

So, how was your June?

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude for June!

  1. Good for you, VIni! DO i begin my comment on your gratitude posts this way always? 😛 I am sorry if I do, but I genuinely feel good about the good, happy stuff you share about your month! I liked the fact that you participated in the blogging challenge despite your schedule.

    And , hey, congrats for the “back to work” part of this post! keep it up, but do take care of your health as you manage both the fronts.

    Hope July brings about loads of joy in your life! <3

  2. Looks like you had an interesting and eventful month. Getting back to work you love and enjoy is surely good. Wish you another good month filled with good memories.

  3. Getting back to work is phenomenal. Congratulations for that. Staying away from the children for some time gives one space and makes us more eager to get back to them. Hope you have a great July too.

  4. Getting back to work is always a challenge and teaching would have posed a bigger challenge initially I guess, but glad you are enjoying it. With all this going, Hats off to you for trying to make progress in almost every aspect of your life. It’s so inspiring 🙂

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