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#MicroblogMondays – Valentine’s Day

We never really celebrated a Valentine’s Day in our 7-years of marriage or 10-years of love. Except, maybe for the first Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t exactly a celebration per se. The flowers were there, I was there, the questions were looming in since that was our first Valentine’s Day – I guess he didn’t have any choice left; not when friends are there to cheer to present the girl with a red rose, other than to pick up the flower, pay for it and hand it to me.

Last year, my husband bought me first ever Valentine’s Day greeting card. It read, “To my dearest mommy”. Yes, that card was given to me by my husband on behalf of my son.

I have never surprised my husband with presents or greeting cards for Valentine’s Day either. We have never dined out because it was Valentine’s Day. And so, all these talks about ‘the month of love’ – I don’t really get that. If I were to choose a month of love, it would be November – the month he proposed and December – the month we got married. But then if he gifts me with chocolate this month, who am I to say no to that!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? Is love really in the air other than schools and colleges, this month?

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23 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – Valentine’s Day

  1. It is becoming a bigger thing in New Zealand these days. But our wedding anniversary is in early February, so we don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. Though I wouldn’t say no to chocolate either!

  2. We celebrate V-Day when we feel like which is not always. Initially, my husband had bought cards, chocolates. Then I asked him not to get it. It looked quite funny buying stuff among the college kids. Only reason it is special is because it was Feb 15 when we first met.

  3. ‘Love is in the air’ – Makes it sound like it’s some sort of contagious disease, or perhaps pollution even 😛
    Jokes aside, have I celebrated Valentine’s Day? Perhaps. Maybe in college. WAs it really a celebration? Not really – Just the cliched text book type of stuff – roses, and some gift. I’ve known my wife for almost 14 years now and we’ve been married for 6 of those. And I think I much prefer spontaneous gifts rather than on particular days. Of course, birthdays and anniversaries, yes. Of course it helps that our anniversary isn’t too far away from Valentine’s Day 🙂

  4. I grew up in a house where valentines day was about the family. We woke up to heart shaped pancakes and strawberries, and in our lunches with got a heart shaped treated and little love note. It wasn’t about love between a man and wife, but love in general. Loving the people around you. Even our dog got a special valentines treat. My hubby and I have never done anything cliche on Valentines day. If we do something, it’s stay at home, play board games and enjoy each others company. It’s more important for us that we celebrate our anniversary and birthdays than Valentines day but when we have kids, I fully plan to share the traditions my mom set in place with our children.

  5. Last night I was on a walk and we were walking along one the most popular streets in Bangalore. There are a lot of food joints, pubs and restaurants on that street and I kept on clicking pictures which are coming soon on my blog but all were about – book a table now, discounts for early birds, have you chosen your gift etc. I have know VT for 9 years of which we have been married for 4 and till date we have never celebrated a day like this one. Both of us believe in the moments that we can capture and celebrate each day than just once a year. Still there are no roses or chocolates – a peck on the cheek is good enough 🙂

  6. We celebrated Valentines day quite a lot when we were dating, not as much when we got married and barely at all since we adopted our daughter. What we do celebrate is the day after Valentine’s day. We go to the best Chocolate stores and buy things on sale!!

  7. I pay little attention to Valentine’s day. My hubby’s birthday is two days after so I concentrate on that instead. HOWEVER, when he walks in the house with a bouquet of flowers for no special reason on any day of the week – that is very special to me and more appreciated than getting something from him when it is ‘expected’

  8. When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of a day, some 42 years ago, when my then-future husband took me to dinner and gave me some chocolates. After we were married, he admitted he had to borrow the money from his neighbor. My husband worked several part time jobs to pay for college, which is why he was broke that day. That was one romantic thing he did!

  9. My hubby and I definitely try and do special and thoughtful things throughout the year instead of trying to fit it in on an over-hyped, commercialized single day. Plus my birthday is 4 days after, so I figure I’ll give the guy a break and let him focus on that instead!

  10. Hubby would give me flowers and cards when we were dating. I think mostly because we had both been single for so long and finally we weren’t! Kind of forgot about the day after marriage. But with a baby spontaneous romance is harder so maybe we should start celebrating it.

  11. I think it’s fine to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Why not celebrate love at every possible opportunity? November/December is your special month – well add another day to the list! Have fun. It’s a Saturday this year – make the most of it. We don’t really celebrate it in a big way. Sometimes we get a cake or the kids make a card. Just another day to show we love each other.

  12. I think every month is the month of love..but the weather during the months of November to March is so wonderful that love seems to be all around…Or maybe it’s just my love for the winter that makes me so happy during this time 🙂

  13. Oh yes, we are now at that time of the year again when people go crazy in proclaiming their love for their loved ones. And ‘harass’ other people by asking about their plans, gifts for the V day. I think, Valentine’s Day should be every day in dating and relationships! For us the special day is 15th Feb coz that’s the day we got married! 😀

  14. We don’t do Valentine’s Day either. Hubby and I had a major blow-up one year over a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s and from then on, it was just a bad reminder. We do give cards, and a small gift to each other, and now with a 5-year old girl, we focus on doing things for her and for her classmates at school. This year she’ll get a toy, a little chocolate and a card with some $$ in it (to spend as she chooses).

  15. I wouldn’t say no to chocolate either! But no, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day here either. In Finland, it is more of a “Friend’s day” but so very commercial. If, hubby and I do do anything, it is a homemade card. Maybe I’ll do a craft with our son…if I feel up to it.

  16. Valentine Days comes with great expectations and goes away with mixed emotion. In the early days of our marriage it was a big thing (for me) The heart shape balloons, the chocolate dipped strawberries and candle night dinners. I had these expectations but since DH was working full time either one of them came true. So the mixed emotions 😛 But as we grow older one realises – if marriage sustains the storms – every day is a Valentine. Great post 😀

  17. We never celebrated valentine’s day. we both don’t believe in it. It’s mostly for the stores to sell there valentine merchandise….when there was no Internet or the stores selling card we never heard of valentine’s day in India at least in hyd I never heard if it before.
    And here everyone celebrates valentine’s day not only the couples who are in love. In school kids exchange cards and heart shaped chocolates and at work a pot luck.

    1. Yea valentine’s day is more than lovers day now. We don’t celebrate valentine’s day either. But sometimes we just surprise each other with a nice gesture which is just an added bonus. We learned to not expect anything from each other just because it is valentines day. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Saritha. 🙂

  18. Love is something which can be celebrated every moment, week, month depending on us :). Reserving just one day to celebrate love is gross injustice ;).

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