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Am I a Feminist or Not?

                                                               Photo via Unsplash                                                  I was reading few feminist blogs and I realized I don’t like the word feminist but I like what they do. Is it even possible? I feel like a hypocrite. I was writing down why I am not a feminist. But

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God And Religion

                                                   Photo credit Unsplash Is God and Religion related? Do you have to be religious to worship God? I believe in God and I follow Hinduism.While the reason I follow Hinduism is because I was born to Hindu parents (one of them was a strong

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Motherhood Treats!

You are interrupted endless number of times a day with the chatterings of your little ones in such a way that you will never get any of your work done in single shot.  Cooking, writing, cleaning, watching TV, showering, thinking – anything you name it

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Changing Life!

To hold on to life as we have known it is just as much a struggle as the struggle to survive life itself. Who told change is good! I personally am never fond of it unless I can see the whole effect of change. There

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When it rains!

When it rains,music changes, to the sound of droplets of rain.When it rains,the feeling changes, into a nostalgic muse.When it rains,surroundings changes, into the unseen transparent wall.

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Illusions of a Parent…

Every parent makes mistakes. Some small ones and some big ones. I think the mistakes a parent leaves behind ultimately makes the kid a better parent. May be its a chain which finally leads to the evolution of the best parent. But in  the eyes

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