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Positive reinforcement to discipline kids

No matter how many times we tell NO, kids will come up with new scenarios where we have to repeat the same old NO. After a while, the word NO loses its charm and our little ones will throw tantrums with no problem whatsoever!

Then how do we tackle this situation? That’s where the positive reinforcement makes its entry.

Through positive reinforcement, we teach our kids to make their own choices. We give them the power to choose what is good and what is bad for them. We teach our kids the difference between good and bad and let them choose.

Of course, each choice – good or bad- comes with its own consequences. For example, in our house we have a star system. My son earns stars by completing tasks. These tasks include – brushing his teeth, listening to us without cribbing, completing his homework, eating without causing trouble, behaving properly, cleaning up his room, etc.

When he collects 20 stars he gets a reward. The reward could be anything – a toy, or an outing, or extra time on his bike, or a family tag game, and so on.

Whenever he makes a bad choice, say he refuses to eat a meal, I give him full freedom at the cost of a star. He understands that and accepts the consequence.

This way I don’t have to resort to yelling NOs all the time and he understands what he is doing.

So, I am happy that I am raising a responsible kid, well most of the times. 🙂

Originally published in World Of Moms.

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7 thoughts on “Positive reinforcement to discipline kids

  1. Excellent posts… Problem is our society teaches from childhood that punishing human beings is the only way they learn and this attitude is carried forward in the workplace too. Some people just don’t get it.

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