Sunday, September 15, 2019

..And that’s why we blog!

We dream about writing, we attempt our few words, we procrastinate, then dream some more about writing and finally we write. We made a blog and pour out our thoughts, how deep or insignificant or thought provoking, or meaningful – it doesn’t matter. We did it. We wrote a lot and put it out there […]

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Random Thoughts

Blog To Feed A Child

We talked about Ice Bucket Challenge to create awareness about ALS. We participated in the challenge, made donations, we did all we could. But there is another major threat which takes life away from both little kids and grown ups alike, that has been in the globe since the evolution of mankind. Do you know […]

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The working delusions!

I always wanted to become a working woman. This love to work started from my school days. I dreamed about finding job and building a house of my own than about meeting the prince charming. In fact meeting prince charming was never in my list. Those days I never liked the idea of getting married but I […]

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