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What’s my favorite? #MondayMusings #mg

Kanna was always full of questions. What? Why? How? Where? I have heard them over and over in different forms and textures in these past eight years. I’m sure you will agree with me if you have spent some time with kids, that their incessant questions are

Parenting is not easy, neither is catching a breath if you are a parent! #MondayMusings

    You know what they say about working from home. That it is not easy. Well, add a 16-month-old to the mix and there you have it – a cocktail of the most unproductive working hours with tiredness, restlessness, and impatience growing at an

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Positive reinforcement to discipline kids

No matter how many times we tell NO, kids will come up with new scenarios where we have to repeat the same old NO. After a while, the word NO loses its charm and our little ones will throw tantrums with no problem whatsoever! Then

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When you care for a new baby

Motherhood is an exciting journey. So exciting that if we are not prepared well to tend to the newborn, it may wear us down. It doesn’t matter how tiny the new life is, having a small delicate baby and tending to him/her all time can

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The ME TIME dilemmas

When I had my baby 5 years back, me and my husband were alone in another part of the world away from  the rest of our family. I had my husband as a support system, but I was the only one with the baby 24/7.

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That question which annoys me!

There is one question which I hear many times from different people which I never could understand why they are asking it. Most of you know that my kid is going to school now. The question I face is “Are you bored when he is

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Parenting Journey – The Beginning.

Motherhood has given me plenty of new lessons every day. The lesson from one day is not applicable on the very next day. Parenting is such a road of adventures that there is no easy way. There is no manual that will make you a

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#MicroblogMondays 9 – First Vacation

Kanna is enjoying is first ever vacation this week. I am not sure if he is enjoying fully as he says that he is missing his friends at school. He was sighing last night that he was sure that others are going to school. Anyways,

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An experience – First week of school.

This week my little boy started his schooling. He was very much excited to go to school, the new uniform and book bag added more enthusiasm to his already excited mind. I had mixed feelings though – happy to see his excitement, nervous about his new

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My dear Kanna..

There are many things I want to tell to my kid. But he is so small now. His curiosity in knowing stuff and stubbornness in saying “then make me understand” when I try to explain things beyond his understanding level is the threshold for this

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