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A Question for You #MondayMusings

I have a question for you all. What kind of posts do you enjoy reading here? My personal rants? Stories about Kanna (perhaps the little one’s too in the future)? Gratitude posts? My philosophical posts heavy on the wisdom I hide in my head? Stories

21 Random Facts About Me – #FridayReflections

I have been missing on Friday Reflections post all this while. When I saw this prompt I couldn’t give it a miss. Here are 21 random facts about me. I’m not someone who you may call an ardent reader. But I love books, the smell

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To the WhatsApp Jokers!

Another WhatsApp joke forward on Aamir Khan’s comment find its way to my phone today. And I got upset, again. Yeah, he said what he said. Does that mean that the whole of India should hold him by his neck? Don’t we all make one

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Writing and Me

I write because I like writing. I liked writing since my childhood days. But then I was more attached to the book and pen and the prospect of writing down than the content. Even today the likenesses is more or less the same with the

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A Sneak From The Past – 2

When I had this idea to present old posts I wasn’t aware of the challenge I was getting into. There are so many blogs with such wonderful posts, too good to pass on. I can fill this space flaunting them one by one. But I

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I Believe..

I believe that What I believe in will happen. Anything is possible only if I put my mind to it. Miracles do or do not happen – Don’t wait for it. Doing good reaps good. It is okay to lose, cry or feel at loss.

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