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Enriching a writer’s soul! #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

Criticisms. Who like them? No one, you say? But I disagree. Aspiring writers, they thrive on criticisms. Today I got one such a critique on my latest post in Void Thoughts which is a Haiku. I am still navigating my way around this beautiful poetic expression

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#MicroblogMondays – A rant on writing

Last year in July I started off with getting back in the blogging realm consistently. Before then, I used to blog when musings strike, and it did not happen that often. Blogging wasn’t a passion, it was more like ‘what was my blog address’ sort

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The week I blogged less!

I feel like I have been ignoring this space. It was never in my intention, but as I look through the posts the last one was posted on Monday and then nothing. I kept coming back here to write something but something was happening that

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Most of us likes to read, right? Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and so on. I liked to read from childhood. I used to read all my English, Malayalam and Hindi text books before the school reopens after summer, not the heavy lessons just the ones

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Writing and Me

I write because I like writing. I liked writing since my childhood days. But then I was more attached to the book and pen and the prospect of writing down than the content. Even today the likenesses is more or less the same with the

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Writer’s Block – Have you been there?

Today, Elly from Xpress Your Essence has blogged about the infamous “Writer’s Block”. I want to share my views on the same here. Before I started to blog consistently, I blamed it on the writer’s block. It was true that I had ideas and words

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