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You Beneath Your Skin – Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

It is my absolute pleasure and honor to reveal the cover for Damyanti Biswas‘s debut crime novel, You Beneath Your Skin to be published this September by Simon & Schuster, India. I’ve known Damyanti as a veteran blogger and a fabulous writer for the last five years. She is a compassionate human being who works tirelessly for the social causes she believes in. Her commitment during the Kerala flood relief campaign in 2018 as well as her efforts to give a new life to Project Why by bringing together bloggers from different corners of the world, were remarkable.

So, without further ado, here’s the cover! The red and black immediately captures nuances of an atmospheric crime story, and the face visible under the title makes one wonder who she is, and what her story might be.

Front Cover

Lies. Ambition. Family. 

It’s a dark, smog-choked New  Delhi winter. Indian American single mother Anjali Morgan juggles her job as a psychiatrist with caring for her autistic teenage son. She is in a long-standing affair with ambitious Police Commissioner Jatin Bhatt  – an irresistible attraction that could destroy both their lives.

Jatin’s home life is falling apart: his handsome and charming son is not all he appears to be, and his wife has too much on her plate to pay attention to either husband or son. But Jatin refuses to listen to anyone, not even the sister to whom he is deeply attached.

Across the city, there is a crime spree: slum women found stuffed in trash bags,  faces and bodies disfigured by acid. And as events spiral out of control Anjali is horrifyingly at the center of it all.

In a sordid world of poverty, misogyny, and political corruption, Jatin must make some hard choices. But what he unearths is only the tip of the iceberg. Together with Anjali he must confront old wounds and uncover long-held secrets before it is too late.

When Damyanti sent an advance copy to read and review the book, I was extremely honored and deeply touched, because as I wasn’t a book reviewer or a book blogger, the feedback I could give would be as a reader and to know that someone would value my views as a reader and not as an established book reviewer was very humbling and joyous. And the most delightful part was – Damyanti, an established and prolific writer, approached me – isn’t that just wonderful? 🙂


You Beneath Your Skin – What I thought about the story

The story flows smoothly from the first word. There is no dragging anywhere. All the characters will stay with you from the beginning. I was impressed that there wasn’t even a single unwanted character in the entire book. This book captures the different problems that run in your society.

There is one character which I didn’t like from the first appearance itself. But that character is essential in the book to show how a person can be deeply damaged inside, but appear flawless on the surface. The author had done a remarkable job in captivating the reader’s attention from beginning to end.

I haven’t read much Indian crime thrillers. So this one was a new experience and it captured my attention throughout. There were so many twists, all adding to the very essence of the thriller. I am not exaggerating when I say it is an unputdownable book.

Grab your copy and read, if you like crime thrillers you are in for a treat.

Back Cover

Check out this book if you like pacy reads that also engage with various social issues.

For You Beneath Your Skin, all proceeds to the author would be divided between Chhanv Foundation and Project WHY.

To support the organizations,  pre-order HERE.

Damyanti Biswas, Author of You Beneath Your Skin

Damyanti Biswas lives in Singapore and works with Delhi’s underprivileged children as part of Project Why, a charity that promotes education and social enhancement in underprivileged communities. Her short stories have been published in magazines in the US, UK, and Asia, and she helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine. You can find her on her blog and twitter.


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