Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Of breaks and break-ups! #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays

Hello, people! Have you noticed that I was not around for more than two months here? Of course, some of you did notice my impromptu disappearance and was kind enough to ask if everything was okay with me. Always happy to know that my absence is sensed.

Many of you know about my ‘on again off again’ relationship with my headache. And this time, he thought to get serious and give it a good try to get my undivided attention and of course, I had to keep myself away from all external distractions like blogging to give that kind of uninterrupted attention to the only one being that wants me, rather my head, so much. While for me the break from blogging was an effort to keep him away, he thought that it was because of my eternal love for him! Honestly, it was more like a possessive lover not leaving me out of his sight for a second, forcing me to stop writing, blogging and even thinking at times. Yeah, I know! Not thinking and me? Can’t exist that way, dude. I had to break-up again with this annoying stalker of mine.

I missed blogging and got that itch to write many, many times last month. But as soon as I’d start typing down a paragraph, I could sense him looking at me from somewhere and I was adamant not to give him an excuse to get anywhere near to me. So, in that effort to keep him away from my dancing on my head, my blog paid the price. These days I do feel better. I have filled my routine with a lot more work out, yoga and meditation. And my head is slowly learning to master the trick of eluding that pounding ache.

While the plan is never to meet him again, I know that is impossible. We will cross path again, definitely. But I will be equipped to evade him. And never will I let him keep me away from my blog. I shall write one page at a time or one word at a time if need be! And you, my dear readers, be here when I do that.

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Vinitha Dileep
<p>An IT Professional, an author, an accidental blogger, a lover of words and a recent self-care addict. I love stringing words together, which I lovingly call a poem. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(</p>

23 thoughts on “Of breaks and break-ups! #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays

    1. Yes, Sunita, I have migraine. But the past few months were horrible. My headache started due to some not so good memories and it kept me waking up from sleep too. All good now, I believe.

    1. Yes, Lata. Hoping to write at least one post a week. Missed AtoZ and all the blogging interactions for quite long. 🙁

  1. Glad you’re doing better & back to blogging. Here’s a dumb idea because I’m sure you probably tried it a long time ago… Can you just carry a notepad around with you & jot notes here & there and then have somebody type it up on the computer (or do it when you feel better) so you can avoid sitting, posture issues, & the dreaded computer screen?

    1. Oh yeah, I do carry notebooks around. In fact, I’m a notebook junkie. But I did miss the interactions and connections that blogging bestowed upon me. 🙂

    1. Me too, Anamika. I missed the AtoZ challenge too. I was feeling terrible throughout the month of April having missed it. I am hoping to do at least a weekly post here.

      1. Don’t feel terrible about missing it. Health should be priority always. Be kind & love yourself and write one para every 2 days. In 7 days, you will have 3 and a half paras to go live 🙂 Absolutely no pressure, see. 💝

  2. Haha,I hope you are able to break up with him completely. Blogging is your true love then, I suppose? 🙂 Take care.

  3. I hate migraines. My mom has that problem, and I have always dreaded her days of wishing to bang a hammer on her head just to get rid of the pain. I hope your jilted lover find it in his heart to leave you painless for a long time. Feel better, dear!

  4. Really missed your posts, Vinitha! So glad to hear you are doing better and I hope it stays that way. Keep the demon at bay. He is a persistent lover, from what I can tell. Write when you can and when it doesn’t impede your day to day work <3

  5. I sensed your absence, but felt that it was of house hold chores just as mine.I become away from my blogspace for one or two months.Anyway glad to see you back here.I think meditation,Yoga and Pranayama may do good to you.Wishing you good health to read your good words.

  6. Missed your posts for sure, Vinitha. I’m so glad you are back. Take it easy. Health comes first. But do try to pen down once a week 🙂

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