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A messy affair! #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays

I guess by now you are used to my frequent absences on this blog. Well, I am. Last five weeks I had the utmost delight to indulge in a date with a recent acquaintance of mine. I fondly call him by his full name, Pain in the Neck. Oh, what an eventful row of weeks had followed since he decided to drop by! You have no idea, my dears. We had a brief meet at first, exchanging pleasantries, after which I thought that we parted ways for good. A couple of hours later I found out that he never left. He made himself comfortable on the right side of my neck with no permission from me, whatsoever. When I asked him, “whatcha doing?” he casually announced me to go on with my chores and not to be bothered with him. I was like “What now?” and he ignored me. So I returned the favor and ignored him too. What did I know about the bleak future in store!

Next day I woke up with his presence heavily on my neck and it wasn’t just the right side that felt it. Oh, it wasn’t a bit fun. I wanted to make myself clear and showed him to a pain balm. I told him to get lost. But..

He had his own plans. Elaborate ones. With his sleeping bag strapped to my neck and all. And this unwanted visitor of mine was audacious enough to have some visitors of his own. They camped out on my shoulder. It was like the whole family of pain, vacationing on my neck, shoulders, and arms. As I told before, I was in for a treat.

With the help of my trusted friends – ibuprofen and yoga and whatever rest I could conjure up in between, now I’m pain-free at the end of five long weeks. Of course, I have got a renewed respect for the phrase – pain in the neck – it’s unbearable my friends, highly unbearable.




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Vinitha Dileep

I am an ex-Software engineer who turned into a SAHM with a love for words. I secretly wish to be called a writer. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(

22 thoughts on “A messy affair! #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays

    1. Doctor told that it’s muscle tension and ordered me to take rest and not to lift weight. She told that muscle spasm usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal completely. With a 4 month old baby and a 7 year old at home, rest was the least I could do. Thankfully now my neck is fine. I’m continuing with yoga and neck exercises, don’t want to fall into this trap again. 🙂

  1. Five weeks is a long time to be in the state of pain. Thank God the pain has gone now and you are better. On a grateful note, the migraine and pain in the neck did not make an appearance together 🙂 Okay to smile!

  2. Ouch! That must have been quite a painful visit he paid, eh? But, I am glad you are rid of him and I hope he doesn’t visit you ever again!
    Take care, my dear. This Mr. Pain in the neck can be pretty bothersome if you don’t work on getting him out of your system, once and for all!

  3. Oh, that’s bad! I strained my neck too a few days back and even had to walk carefully so as not to give it a jerk.

    Good to know you are better now.

  4. I’m glad you’ve reached that pain-free point. I can’t think when that happens — when the pain is in my head or neck.

  5. Glad it’s gone now…5 weeks of pain with 2 kids to look after.It hurts. Do Yoga regularly dear so that this unwanted guest won’t come again

  6. It must have been very painful Vinitha! I know what you must have gone through. It took me so long to recover from my neck injury as I mentioned to you earlier. Right now I’ve again injured my upper back while doing some exercises and it hurts so much. Aaarghh!I really loved the humourous tone of your post. Keep up the writing and hope to see you popping in and out of the blogging world as and when time and opportunity permits.

  7. Ouch! That does sound painful. Occasionally when I sleep the wrong way, I’ve had a catch in my neck and been unable to move it a certain way…but it usually subsides after a day or two. Cannot imagine how hard it would be for weeks. Hope you’re feeling better!

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