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All about my ‘Me-time’ #writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger


It would be an understatement to say that I miss my ‘me-time’. I have always, always enjoyed my ‘me-time’, even before I had a husband and two kids. It’s not that I think that I need me-time. I know that I need some time all to myself every day to reflect and refresh. It is essential for my sanity and well-being.

What do I do during this said ‘Me-time’

That’s top secret. But since you are eagerly waiting I will let you in on a few things I do when I am alone.

I think. I like to think, a lot.

I like to converse with Nature. I know, it sounds pretentious. But we do have an invisible connection, me and Nature.

I love to sip my tea with no distractions, savoring till the last drop. 🙂

I write, of course.

Sometimes I spend my alone time by cleaning the house. When I choose to do the cleaning it does not feel like a chore, rather it helps me calm down.

I do yoga or pilates. I love to do the stretches as it helps in getting rid of the aches. Doing Yoga with no distraction or interruption is a privilege as far as I am concerned.

I read too. The many blogs and news articles and yes, a book, at least a page a day. It isn’t much, but that works fine for now.

But, with a 12-month-old around 24/7, I hardly get any me-time now. So, how do I squeeze in the alone time?

I go for a walk with my baby in the stroller. 

Most of the time my baby falls asleep toward the end of the walk. I think mindlessly, enjoy the nature, and I think of some blog post ideas. Plus, I am getting my workout for the day. Of course, chores are waiting to be taken care of, readings are only half done and million other things are always there to tend to. But for now, I do away with what I can.

Of course, nagging always work to get the husband and kids out of the house accomplishing a complete me-time.

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Vinitha Dileep

I am an ex-Software engineer who turned into a SAHM with a love for words. I secretly wish to be called a writer. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(

20 thoughts on “All about my ‘Me-time’ #writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger

  1. The last line appeared funny. If your husband and older kid give in to your nagging and move out of the house leaving you alone, they are angels.And if somedays the nagging doesn’t work, then you leave the house leaving them at home. I have realized a 10 minutes of constructive Me-time early in the morning gives me the energy to wake up son and send him to school, thus guarantying a day-long Me-time period 😀

  2. Oh you seem to be so much like me. I love to think in my me time and savouring that cup of tea is my prime thing to do every morning for an hour! I talk to god a lot and Yoga stretches are my go to , to wrinkle out all the stiffness and aches. I also clean house to destress myself!!! The last one I think is age related eccentricity that has crept into me 😉

  3. I like taking walks with my kids too. I started taking my kids to library so that they can play there, watch rhymes while i read and write.

  4. Me-time is utmost important. But, since me kids are grown up, I am getting a bit too much of me-time or rather ‘alone time’. Thankfully, I have my job to occupy me, but savour this time Vinitha and sneak in your me-times. In a few years, once the children grow up, you will have too much of alone time.

  5. I do agree with you, getting uninterrupted time to do Yoga is indeed a privilege. And I just love how you ensure that you read, despite all this hectic schedule of yours. Reading is something even I cannot compromise and so my reading time is when every one sleeps at night!
    Let’s just hope your nagging works and you get more and more me -time 🙂 Cheers!

  6. I do the very things that you do in your me-time, VIni! Read, think, dream, write, draw, talk to nature and the Universe, clean the house and at times watch my fav shows on TV. At times, I simply sit, staring into space and enjoying the peace and quiet at home!

  7. I’ve always been fiercely protective of my me time. it is absolutely essential for my sanity. When the kids were babies their sleep time was my me time. With two children of different ages it must be tough for you. I love the idea of a peaceful walk.

  8. I used to enjoy my Me time most with my baby, her asleep in the stroller and me walking mindfully with her stroller 🙂 My husband is a sweetheart and had called dibs on bathing the baby when we had brought her home from the hospital. He helped with both my kids massages and bathing rituals till they turned one, whenever he was home from the ship. I read, write, paint, love my tea and Netflix 🙂 My favorite is still walking anywhere. I had written a post on ME TIME long back, posting the link here for you

  9. Me-time is essential. I am glad you get that on walks and keep yourself going with Yoga, reading, writing and talking to Nature. 🙂 I usually write or read in my me-time and that is accompanied with a cup of ginger tea 🙂

  10. I am single and I have too much alone time, which doesn’t help since I’m an extrovert. Still, I’m glad that you have a little “me time” to enjoy.

  11. Trust me Vinitha, it is not the 12-month-old. It happens with all of us in all stages of life. ‘Me time’ needs to be consciously bought by us because no one else seems to understand that we need that time. I say this because in the past ten months after the husband lost his job to redundancy, he was at home attending interviews and later on setting up his new venture. My entire day went taking care of his chores and needs plus the girls and trust me he did not ask for any of it. It was me. I did all of this for nine months and then I finally broke down. Upon lot of introspection I understood that it was no one else but me who was responsible for this. And then I worked on improving it. Me time is must and we must all try to squeeze in some time for ourselves every day. Conversing with nature is one my favourite pastime too.

  12. Oh I love my ‘Me time’ too. And I guard it fiercely. Yes, I introspect, spend time in nature and read and write. Lovely post

  13. Ah “Me-Time” that’s an incredible amount of time i spend doing all i want to do or just lay down and relax. I feel it should be experienced by each and everyone as it hold key to discovering oneself and the new possibilities and can help us to challenge our limits!

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