Friday, July 19, 2024
Parenting Adventures

The ME TIME dilemmas

When I had my baby 5 years back, me and my husband were alone in another part of the world away from  the rest of our family. I had my husband as a support system, but I was the only one with the baby 24/7. I stole power naps whenever my new baby took nap. […]

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A Sneak From The Past

A Sneak From The Past – 9

Hiya friends! When we moved to the UK I had trouble adjusting to the ‘Hiya, you alright?’ greeting. In the beginning, I did not understand what they were saying. Then, I got used to it, and whenever someone asked me “You alright?” all I wanted to do was to just talk about everything that was not […]

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Random Write Tribe

Success first then happiness? 

Really? Think again. Can you be happy only if you are successful? That’s going to be a painful life at least for me if I can be happy only if I am successful! I mean, can anyone ever be happy like that? So you got a raise at work or bagged a promotion and you are […]

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MicroBlog Mondays

#MicroblogMondays – A rant on writing

Last year in July I started off with getting back in the blogging realm consistently. Before then, I used to blog when musings strike, and it did not happen that often. Blogging wasn’t a passion, it was more like ‘what was my blog address’ sort of relation. Last year, in May, we moved to Worcester […]

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Gratitude Random Thoughts

I’m back!!

I feel happy today! After so many days, I am back here and I am so happy to be back. We are getting settled in our new place and only today the broadband got activated. That was a long wait of 2 weeks. Before that we were staying in the hotel for more than 2 […]

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