Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Bye bye 2015!

And the last day of 2015 is here. I feel neutral about 2015. It wasn’t all bad. But still I feel this year wasn’t that great. Maybe because I failed to live up to my own expectations. But then it wasn’t all that bad, was it? There were some good moments too and I can’t […]

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What you want to become? #DoYourHomework

What do you want to become when you grow up? I never asked Kanna this question because I know that his answer will change. But now, he is big enough to come up with this question on his own. He says, “Amma, you know what I want to become when I grow up? A fireman!” His […]

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MicroBlog Mondays

Wasting a seat? #MondayMusings

Last year my write up on being a stay at home mom got published in Women’s Web. It was accepted well among the readers. 14 months later yesterday, my inbox received another comment on the same. I am quoting it here. Just one question. If you wanted to be a SAHM, the why did you study […]

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Life Random Thoughts

Finding Hope!

Today morning, while I and Kanna were on our way to his school, I saw a spectacular view. Gleaming rays of the sun, hidden behind the trees branching out in all directions. The leafless trees adorned with the orange hues shined as if it is a forgotten decoration. I couldn’t click the shot, but my mind […]

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Random Thoughts

Nothing but a rant #MondayMusings

It is raining here. Drizzling for the most part of the day. Sun is nowhere to be seen. It is gloomy as it can be. As if to keep company, my head has been aching non-stop since the last three days. I touch my forehead and I can actually feel the pain. No painkiller is […]

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MicroBlog Mondays

An abode I miss! #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

And the Thanks Giving weekend is over! Just like last year, we missed it this year too. Thanks Giving weekend was always look forward to when we were in Phoenix, not just because of the big sales that followed, or the food that was consumed, but also for the getting together with friends and spending […]

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