Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Friday Reflections

A Handwritten Poem #FridayReflections

I love writing on paper with the pen. I love the time and effort I have to put in order to achieve that simple task of writing. Writing down with a pen rather than typing is a challenge, otherwise why typing has become everyone’s favorite pick over writing with a pen? Free writing is even […]

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Gratitude Random Thoughts

Being Grateful! #ChattyBlogs #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee together I would say…  Almost 9 years ago I created a blog page for Void Thoughts as a way to keep track of my occasional poem scribbling habit. It was a spur of the moment doing. 3 years ago as a way to cope up with relocation to Worcester, UK, […]

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Life Motherhood

It wasn’t funny for me!

This happened last year, 2016 May. Though I wrote it, I couldn’t post this at that time because I was deeply affected. I was 5 months pregnant at that time. One year later, I still feel the same.    I’m not a Mother’s day person. I don’t wait eagerly for the arrival of this particular […]

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MicroBlog Mondays Random Thoughts

Let it out! #MondayMusings

Yesterday I watched the Hindi movie, Dear Zindagi. I liked it. There was a scene when the actress cried profusely while talking to her therapist about a traumatic incident from her childhood.  The doctor encourages her to cry saying that, “if you won’t cry wholeheartedly how can you laugh wholeheartedly. It made perfect sense to me. […]

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