Friday, July 19, 2024
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Six months into 2019…

Six months into 2019 and I look back with a mixed reaction. On one hand, time is flying past by me in its own tantalizing and taunting way, leaving me behind to catch up and on the other hand, I feel content for the time I got to spend with 2019 so far. The year […]

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The month of May #GratitudeCircle

A month of hard work and then some, That’s how the month of May went by, Some work got delayed, so something else could be finished. There was stress, but one who takes care of themselves will find ways to beat the heat, without beating the self. Morning pages filled, sometimes in google docs, sometimes […]

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Random Thoughts

Of another school-year and memories that stroll my way

It’s been a week since Kanna’s summer holidays had commenced. End of the school-year fills me with such a nostalgic feeling. The very first thought that enters my mind is that my baby is growing up. He has grown a lot taller this year. It is so visible. He is so proud that he is […]

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