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Word of the Year 2024

2024 Word of the Year

It’s that time of the year when I choose a word of the year. I have been setting a word of the year since 2015.

I had quite a battle with finalizing my word for 2024. In November 2023, this word came to me, and I thought, ‘this is it.’ I was happy that I found my word for 2024 that early. 

But then, towards the end of December, doubts about the word I chose crept in. Is it really a fit for the year I envisioned? Aren’t there other words that would suit my 2024 better? 

Yes, there were other words that made sense to me. The longer I thought, the more doubt crept in. For every new word I came up with, my mind questioned my choices again.

Normally, I try to publish the Word of the Year post by January 1st. This time, as I was being held hostage by my own doubts, I couldn’t even attempt to write the post on Jan 1st.

Then, today, I decided to sit in front of my laptop and jot down whatever came to my mind. As it turned out, I didn’t like anything I wrote. Two such disastrous attempts later, I decided to talk it out. I opened the voice recorder on my phone and talked. At the end of it, it was clear that my word of the year was the first word that came to me in November: DISCIPLINE. 

This year, I am seeking discipline in different areas of my life.

I need discipline in my creative as well as personal life. I used to be a highly organized person. However, since the pandemic hit our world, things have changed greatly without my knowledge. We were all in survival mode for a long time, ditching our preferences with COVID-19 taking over the streets. Now although, everything is back to normal, the changes I made in my life to accommodate the needs of a full house back in 2020 somehow never hit a reset.

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I realize that mistake now. 

Earlier, once the kids and my husband went off to their schools and workplace, I used to get my time all to myself. My husband has been working remotely since 2020, which has made my subconscious feel like my time is not mine even today, even when he is busy working in his room.

I realize that sometimes, we fail to see how much we take ourselves for granted. We fail to prioritize ourselves. We fall into the trap of always making room for others. I never say a ‘no’ or ‘wait’ to my husband or kids when they approach me with a question or a request or to just chitchat. 

That’s my mistake. 

Now that I understand the reason for not prioritizing myself and being not so strict about organizing my physical space as well as my mental faculties as I needed, I am taking action.

I thrive in a planned and organized environment. I used to love coming up with plans and executing those plans to my satisfaction. But these past years, I have never made a solid action plan, and anything I dared to plan, I had failed miserably, making ‘I can’t do anything right’ the inner narrative I default to.

This year, I am going to change that. That’s where DISCIPLINE comes into play. 

By the end of 2024, I want to feel satisfied with how I do things, be it writing, publishing, exercising, communicating, cooking, cleaning, or even relaxing.

The struggle to finalize my word of the year also gave me a new tool to tackle my struggles. When in doubt, when words seem to be at a loss, voice it. 

I am curious if you, too, have a word of the year. Let me know in the comments.


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11 thoughts on “2024 Word of the Year

  1. That’s a great word choice Vinitha! I hear you about how much the pandemic changed things. During those two years, I was all over the place and I think that’s why in 2022, I chose focus as one of my key words and last year was finding flow. This year, I don’t have one word but I thought I’d try focussing on my values instead – courage, connection, curiosity, compassion and creativity. I do want to build and strengthen connections in real life after a lot of changes in the last few years and courage, curiosity and compassion all help with that. Similarly i do want to focus on my writing and hence the creativity and also courage and curiosity again. Hope you have a lovely year ahead. I’m trying to figure out how best to use my blog as I do miss blogging but also I don’t want to spend too much time on there compared to writing.

  2. Hello, dear Vinitha! You chose a strong word. Discipline means somehow a plan. What it’s important from my perspective is to be your plan. Andd you will enjoy doing it.
    This year I decided to change my word into ‘experiencing’, because this is what I love to do.
    I wish you a prosperous New Year, with health and inspirations. ‘Hear’ you in the game!❤️

    ps. The liked button is not functional for me!

  3. As we have already discussed our respective ‘word of the year’ in detail, I am going to make an affirmation here today – “We are going to be and do great in 2024 with our word of the year guiding us.”

  4. With a word like Discipline, I can tell that you are serious and determined to achieve your goals this year. I think the pandemic changed a lot of things for all of us. Wish you a year of great achievements. I will be posting my word of the year soon.

  5. O My God Vinitha sometimes it’s uncanny how someone else can vocalise your thoughts to aptly. The children and husband being home since the pandemic derailed my routine too. It’s been two years now and I still continue to crave solitude. Like you said, even if they are shut in their own rooms I don’t feel like I have me to myself. Learning to prioritise myself, will be my takeaway from your post. Also, it’s amazing that despite all this you’re the single most consistent BAR member.

  6. Discipline is what I have been following since the first day of this year, when it comes to exercise and meditation. If I don’t follow it, I know I will slip off track and go back to lazy mode. And now, considering I am on the other side of 50, I need to really take better care of my mental health, for which regular meditation is so needed.
    I like your word, Vinitha. It is so necessary for every one of us if we wish to live a healthy and a productive life!

  7. A good choice, Vinitha. I still have to write my “Word of the year blog”. My word is “journey” , inspired by Corinne. I actually set the word on my birthday in November but I need to revisit it soon.

  8. I too struggled to find my word this year, but unlike you, I hadn’t thought of it before. It was only on 3 January that I settled on ‘intentional’. I like how you’ve chosen the word ‘discipline’ but interpreted it to mean being nicer to yourself. Self-care requires discipline too!
    Wishing you a creative 2024, Vini.

  9. I think that maybe, during the pandemic, it was “embrace the chaos or go mad.” What good is discipline when we have no idea what tomorrow will bring – not just for us, but work from home, work from the office? Will the stores be open, or will someone shove food at us through the crack beneath the door? Must the kids go to school wearing masks and douse themselves in hand sanitizer or will 5 year olds learn how to use Zoom? Flexibility was called for, as much as discipline. I think we’re all re-learning discipline, slowly, but rejecting others’ definitions of it being IMPOSED on us, at the same time.

  10. I could relate to your situation having a “full house” and not being able to prioritise yourself since the pandemic changed the work situation for a lot of people! Working from home made things easier in some cases but a lot of people also found it difficult to reset their lives after WFH has come to stay as a part of our lives. Am glad that you eventually found your word and have decided to focus on yourself as part of the whole reset process! I’m happy that so many of us will be working on our goals this year with the power of one word guiding us right through. Wishing you success and lot of fun as you explore ways and means of ensuring discipline flows through your personal and work life, Vinitha! Best wishes for the year ahead. <3

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