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Illusions of a Parent…

Every parent makes mistakes. Some small ones and some big ones. I think the mistakes a parent leaves behind ultimately makes the kid a better parent. May be its a chain which finally leads to the evolution of the best parent. But in  the eyes of who!! Because there is no right definition of right and wrong I came across which is right for everyone.

When I think of my kid I see myself as the kid. I want my child to have everything which I couldn’t have, which I wanted to have. And so I want my child to have the life he wants not what I want for him to have. With that comes the responsibility of accepting, loving,understanding and getting along with his dreams, desires and what not.

I know its going difficult as time passes by. Because making houses and airplanes with building blocks, reading books, running after birds those are his favorites only for now. It won’t be forever . After 10 years, 20 years it all will change and then comes the real challenges for me.  But that’s nothing I wont be able to deal with , I know.

I know for a fact that, when my child share the same feelings as  I am having now, that’s the hardest part. Because then its about my mistakes as a parent. Honestly, I would like to know those as and when it happens but again that’s not going to happen. Anyways I know the mistakes I make t my kid will make him a better parent than me in his own eyes.


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