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54 Things To Do When You are Bored

Now that everyone is stuck at home, “I’m bored” is a state that happens frequently. Boredom happens even at times when one is swamped with work because at the moment we are not in a position to go out at our will.

Here is a list of ideas to explore when you are stuck at home and bored. Some of them are fun, some of them help you get your life in order, but all of them definitely get you out of boredom.

-1- Create a list of inspirational videos in Ted Talk and watch them

-2- Set up a bullet journal

-3- Make a list of things to learn

-4- Learn something new. SkillShare is an excellent platform to learn different things. Click here to sign up for 2 free months of Skillshare Premium membership. [Affiliate link]

-5- Create a list of books to read Read books.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter[Affiliate link]

-6- Check the pantry and toss out expired products

-7- Reorganize the pantry

-8- Organize and declutter your refrigerator

-9- Go through your credit card bill and unsubscribe from subscriptions you are not using anymore

-10- Organize the folders in your laptop

-11- Declutter your Facebook friend list

-12- Delete unused apps in your phone

Declutter and organize the apps

-13- Start a new hobby or rekindle an old one

-14- Make a list of new hobbies you may want to try out in the future

-15- Check your phone’s contact list and delete unused ones

-16- Call your friends who you were not in touch with

-17- Listen to a new podcast

-18- Create a happiness list

-19- Create a list of things you are grateful for

-20- Create a list of people you are grateful for

-21- Write a short review of the books you read

-22- Leave reviews for the products you bought online

-23- Clean up your house

-24- Organize the closet space

Declutter and Organize

-25- Declutter your space

-26- Try a new workout

-27- Do yoga

-28- Meditate

-29- Journal your heart out

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-30- Change your passwords for all the accounts with stronger ones

-31- Organize the files and folders in your computer

-32- Back up your phone, tablet, and computer

-33- Create a new song playlist in Spotify

-34- Create a journal for some introspective questions


-35- Learn to bake

-36- Cook a new dish

-37- Listen to a podcast

-38- Listen to an audio book

-39- Create a de-stress list

-40- Learn a musical instrument

-41- Create a vision board

-42- Create a self-care routine

-43- Create an album or a photo-wall

-44- Write a letter to someone

-45- Write a letter to your future self

-46- Make a list of things to do

-47- Make a list of things to stop doing

-48- Create a budget plan

-49- Tackle an unfinished project

-50- Unleash your creative side – write a short story or paint a picture, etc

-51- Declutter and organize your jewelry

-52- Declutter the bookmarks folder in your laptop

-53- Organize your notes that are scattered across different apps and devices into one app

-54- Learn a new language using apps like Duolingo

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Do you have more activities to add to this list? Do share in the comments. Tell me which from this list are you going to do?


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5 thoughts on “54 Things To Do When You are Bored

  1. This is such an exhaustive list, Vinitha. Presently, I’m too exhausted to try anything new. Just floating along. Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon. Stay well and safe! ♥

    1. After publishing this I came up with a few more. Most of which are things I postpone from doing over the years.
      I understand, Corinne, I feel demotivated multiple times a day. Like yesterday I didn’t do anything. We are in survival mode currently. If you would like to talk, I’m a ping away. Hope that things will get better soon.
      Take care, Corinne. Hope you are feeling better now. ❤️

  2. That’s a helpful list, Vinitha
    I am glad I actually went ahead and did quite a few of things on this list.
    Loved #9 and now it is on my to-do list.

  3. Not one , not ten but 54!!! Thats amazing vineetha. You are really resourceful. Appreciate that.
    My take away from this post are many but the one on priority is de-cluttering the fridge. Its been pending so long.

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