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A love note on our Anniversary – #WeekendCoffeeShare

Today my husband and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. On this joyous occasion, I would like to celebrate the love that we share. Ours is a love based of giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that we give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, my dear readers, you too can share and love and have and receive. I would like to enjoy this weekend coffee share episode with my husband. You, my lovely readers, are welcome to hang out and enjoy your cuppa while we chat a bit.


Now this almost never happens these days, does it? We sitting down sipping our coffee paying complete attention to each other! That probably won’t happen for another year or two! Do you remember once in Worcester you took a day off and we went shopping and visited a cafe while Kanna was at school? We wanted to spend time together without him. But all we did was talk about him all that while!

Did you ever think that this day would come? A day that we know too much about each other? A day we are too busy that we forget to complete the conversation that we started? A day where we crave for each other’s company despite the familiarity? Not in my imagination! And yet, here we are. Nine years of marriage, 12 years and 30 days of love! Who knew? I was just another kid in the class, so were you. Did you ever imagine that together we would make a different world, a world just for ourselves, of us? I didn’t even think that there was such a possibility. But against all odds, here we are.

So, 9 years later, am I everything you hoped for in your future wife? You know there is only one right answer here! Is there anything you thought I could have done differently or anything you could do without in me? Again, there is only one right answer. Now I could use a bit more organized version of yourself. But that you know already. I don’t understand why you can’t keep the shoes and socks in its designated place? I mean how hard is it?

I can’t say life is all beautiful, glittery and shiny because you are in it. But I can say that your presence adds more colors and twinkles in my life. And those less sunshine days are warm enough just because you are around! Sometimes I wonder if this is all just a figment of my imagination. That any moment now I would fall out of my reverie only to find us back on that bench. That our life together is just my fantasy playing out on the blackboard. Let that merely be my silly fear!

Happy Anniversary honey! Here is the grocery list for this week – milk, egg, … And don’t forget to put your shoes in the shoe room!


(You do understand that this is me saying ‘I love you’ in so many words, right? Now where is my anniversary gift? 🙂 )

Vinitha Dileep

I am an ex-Software engineer who turned into a SAHM with a love for words. I secretly wish to be called a writer. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(

10 thoughts on “A love note on our Anniversary – #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Happy Anniversary Vinitha! What could be better than the idea of a weekend coffee share with your hubby for today’s post? Heartwarming to see how warmly you’ve expressed the bond you two share after all these years. May your love keep growing forever and may you always be happy in each other’s company as you now do! Best wishes

  2. Warm congratulations to both of you, Vinitha. The familiarity of the marriage bond is sometimes underrated – we take presence so much for granted. I loved this post and hope it was well appreciated by your husband! 😉

  3. Such a practical post Vinitha. It took me long to understand that Marriage is not only about compatibility. Wishing you guys endless years of togetherness.

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