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A Question for You #MondayMusings

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I have a question for you all. What kind of posts do you enjoy reading here? My personal rants? Stories about Kanna (perhaps the little one’s too in the future)? Gratitude posts? My philosophical posts heavy on the wisdom I hide in my head? Stories on my motherhood experiences?
What makes you read me? Do you have any suggestions for me, to improve my writing, to add in the future posts, topics to write about or do you think I’m awesome as is?

Why I’m asking is not just because I want to know how my readers like my posts but I am finding myself in a position where I’m holding back from sharing. I do write daily or almost daily in my journals.

Yes, journals.

I have a daily writing book where I write about my day, how I feel and all those gibber-gabbers.

There is a gratitude journal where I used to write daily minimum 3 things I was grateful for till last year. This year I missed writing on it and have started writing on it again from last week and it turns out I’m no longer looking specifically for 3 things to be grateful for. Instead, I’m writing lengthy stories with the essence of gratitude in it. After writing them I am experiencing a sense calmness washing over me, so unlike the past few weeks/months.

I have another book on which I jot down pearls of wisdom from Kanna. As it turns out there are so many of them, he is imparting his wisdom on an alarming rate that I have to keep a pen and paper with me. Recently I started writing letters for Kanna on the same notebook. After all those wisdom nuggets he showers me with I figured that I should also return the favor. I’m thinking maybe for his sweet 17 or his wedding, I would gift this book – for a light hearted reading his childhood pearls of wisdom and when he wants to switch to a heavy dose, my letters simmering with intelligence!
I have another book for noting down quotes and thoughts.
Another for words, idioms, phrases I find interesting.
Yet another for my learnings which include French, yes, I’m attempting to learn French.
So, you see, I’m writing a great deal offline. But when I start typing here I start questioning myself which I think is unnecessary because I’m coming up with no sensible answer and even the questions are not exactly clear to me. I am doubting myself, and in turn, you too, that if I’m writing and publishing read worthy contents and if you actually enjoy reading what I come up with. My writing needs are satisfied through offline writings. I love interacting with you through my blog but I’m not able to reply to all the comments due to the time crunch. That’s going to be yet another project to go back to the old posts and reply to the comments.

I’m writing, but when it is time to share with you here, I go into a state of confusion.
I guess such confusions are born from the inconsistencies in my blogging. Here I’m sitting in my corner of the world posting what I think are awesome stuff and then I fall into the pit of irregular blogging habits, which of course is due to the life that happens away from the screen and then I see that I am able to go about my life without much problem. Yet I wonder, how you are surviving without reading my words. Which brings me back to the realization and I question myself, do my words carry any value at all. So you see, your honest inputs are needed for me to push myself and to try and articulate my thoughts in a presentable and readable manner and finally publish it here for your eyes and mind’s delight.

Do you experience such dilemmas? Or is it just me?

After writing this post I seriously contemplated if I should publish it. In the process of breaking that barrier which is keeping me away from my blog, here I am hitting the publish button.

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Vinitha Dileep

I am an ex-Software engineer who turned into a SAHM with a love for words. I secretly wish to be called a writer. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(

8 thoughts on “A Question for You #MondayMusings

  1. The answer lies in your question 🙂 What do you enjoy writing about? Write that. Your readers will follow. Trust me on this one. I go with my gut and it’s never let me down as a blogger. It’s lovely that you are writing so much offline. How admirable!

    1. That’s what I thought too, Shailaja, that finally I will write and post what I enjoy. But now I am holding back on posting thinking if I am oversharing or if this post would offend someone, or if I would be judged, and so on. You should see the number of posts in my drafts!
      Thank you for your kind words, dear. It is a motivation for sure. 🙂

  2. I have to second what Shy says here. Write what you enjoy writing about, Vinitha. The joy that you get from expressing yourself through those posts will translate to the reader as well.

    Also, I loved your idea for a journal for Kanna. I think it will make a fabulous present for when he grows up.

    1. Sounds right to me, Shantala. I guess we are bound to have self doubts every once in a while. What makes this journey worth is having a community to share those doubts with and to gain some insights to clear them. Thank you for being here, Shantala.

  3. I think we all worry that people don’t care much about what we write. I’ve been there. Just shared an article about that very topic on this thread.

    I have enjoyed joining in with your fiction prompts, Vinitha but must admit, I haven’t read a lot of your posts. It is hard to keep up with everyone’s blogs and create your own work, that’s for sure. This month I’m doing two challenges, the A to Z and FMS Photo a Day. Hard to keep all these balls in the air.

    Do as Shalaija suggest and write what moves and inspires you. It’s mainly for you anyhow. Your readers will follow if they like it. If they don’t, who needs them? They will go elsewhere and that’s perfectly fine, too. I’ve accepted this after many years of doing this blogging groove. I go through dry spells where I don’t even write much and I’ve accepted that, too. But when I do get my creative spurts, I go like blazes and my fingers fly and I have to get it all down. Love it when it goes like that.

    Good luck, Vinitha and keep writing! The world needs your voice.

    1. Thanks a lot for these encouraging words, Cat. Finally we all write for us, right? I was not affected by writer’s block, but a state of why-should-I-post-this-in-my-blog condition. The drafts folder of the blog has been growing and yet I find none of them share worthy. You said it right, Cat. I should stop thinking and just write and post what I enjoy. Those who likes it will read it. 🙂
      I’m so thankful that your words, Cat. I understand that you are extremely busy doing challenges this month. Yet, you gave such an honest and elaborate comment. I haven’t done the fiction series in the last few weeks. Will resume it from tomorrow. Hope to see you back there in May. 🙂 All the best with the challenges, Cat.

  4. You are doing a lot of writing though not sharing with the world. I love to read your posts and they make me think or introspect. The best I like in your blog are the poems. I am not a fan of poems as I find them difficult to understand. But yours are really good.

  5. You are doing a lot of writing, Vinitha, which is truly admirable. I think the stuff you are writing for Kanna is such an excellent idea…kids love to have these from parents when they grow up. The gratitude journal is also a wonderful thing to keep for oneself. I do think that with so much writing you are way better than someone like me who struggles to take the time out to sit at the desk. I do love your blog and find your writing speaks straight from the heart. Keep posting as and when you write about anything and everything that interests you or things that you wish to share with the world, even when you think it isn’t a great piece worth sharing coz you never know who might be waiting to read and feel inspired from your post. So, fear not, my dear and keep writing. I really missed the prompts for the 5-sentence stories but didnt wish to remind you as I thought you’re caught up with the kids and must be busy! 🙂 Anytime you wish to revive the series, do tag me when you post in the thread as I am not actively blogging over April and May and will only come in sparingly, when time permits. Good luck with all the writing and the blogging. Take care 🙂

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