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A Rainy Day Musing #FridayReflections

It’s Friday morning and a rainy day. Just drizzling now, switching from gentle showers to light drizzles as it pleases.

It’s wonderful to sit at the table looking out the windows and gaze at the grey sky. For some reason, I never thought of rains as teardrops of the sky. I love rain and rainy days. Even when the deluge appears in front of me as an obstacle, I still love it. Not the obstacle part, but rain brings a sort of calmness on me. 

Like now. I’m not troubled with thoughts that usually bother me. Instead, I am at peace. My thoughts are still. There is no rush of thoughts, neither am I in a hurry to chase after what is not here. All those negative parameters are dispersing and stillness prevails. 

That’s what rain does to me. It washes the toxins in and around me. Its presence, the pitter-patter nourishes my musings gently. It slows me down in a positive way. 

Like now. I was in no hurry to finish this post. Neither am I worried about finishing the pending posts. 

And rain gives me another reason to enjoy my tea without rushing, without harboring negative thoughts.

I love being in this moment, because who knows when it will appear again!

Do you like rainy days? Share your thoughts in the comment please.

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4 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Musing #FridayReflections

  1. What a thought to have! Rain washing away all toxins and negativity, inside and out.

    I love the rain too. I like falling asleep to the sounds of pitter patter. I also like waking up to the same sounds. And today is one such morning. It is music for me. I also like to step out of home in the rain. D likes all of it too.
    I also love the sun while it stays. I like the brightness of the day and the warmth it brings (not the heat though).

  2. To be honest, I only love the rains when I am indoors, watching it pour from the comfort of my home. But I love how you view it, a wonderful analogy indeed. 🙂

  3. I too love rainy days, but if you had experienced the rains of Kerala in last August, a sort of panic might have attacked you. Eventhen rainy days are so sweet that we forget everything watching them. I have written three posts about the torrents that tormented Kerala.. Please see them.

  4. Rainy days are so sweet that we forget everything while we watch them. But this time the torrents that affected Kerala have in fact tormented the people. I have posted three items on the deluge that rocked-n-rolled here. Please go through.

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