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A Sneak From The Past

A Sneak From The Past – 1

So here I am, presenting the first in the series of A Sneak From The Past. Because this is the first post, even I was unsure how to proceed. As I told in a previous post, I have the habit of reading old posts and I read some more last week keeping the new series in mind. All those writeups are awesome. It was hard to choose a few. I will visit each one of your space and share your posts in the coming weeks.


Today I am featuring few posts from 3 differents bloggers here:

Most of you must be familiar with Shailaja who blogs at Diary of a Mom and The Moving Quill. In the post Vaccines and their ‘side-effects’ she describes the side-effects of vaccines but it isn’t the kind of side-effect you think. Click on the link and read further to find out her daughter’s experience with the vaccines and how she learned to face the pain all by herself.

I would like to share a fictional work of Shailaja too here, The Frantic Quest is a 100-word fiction with a very unexpected ending.

Next is Anamika’s experiences of potty training her 3-year-old kid. She had captured the moments of hope and despair of potty training a toddler in a humorous way here. The link comprises of 3 posts all on the same experience, trust me when I say it is a great read. If you are a parent you will be able to relate with this one pretty easily.

Last but not least is a post from Uma who blogs at My Musings – a space for my expression. In this post named The choice to be.. she asks a thought provoking question. No way I can say it better, so you better go ahead and read the post.

That’s all for this week my dears. I am sure you will enjoy all of the posts I shared with you today. Do send me your feedbacks on this in the comment section.

Linking this to NaBloPoMo November – Day 18.


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