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A Sneak From The Past

A Sneak From The Past – 5



I hope the first week of the New Year is treating you all well. Holidays are a wonderful time to take a break from the usuals. I haven’t been posting here in the series since the past two weeks. Now I am back to my routine. I am planning to continue with this series in the coming weeks.

Do you think we have more woman bloggers than men? My blogger friend circle is undoubtedly filled with more women. I think it is because ladies are blogging more than gents. What I am saying is, for this week’s ‘A Sneak From The Past’ I am going with an all girls episode.Somehow for this week I ended up choosing all poems. I do have a soft corner towards poems but trust me when I say this selection was not intentional. In fact this is the first time I spent so much time in choosing the posts.

Anyways, here goes the three posts for this week’s ‘A Sneak From The Past’.

In this poem ‘Less Words‘ Saru Singhal has taken the intoxicating and divine love to another level with the way she plays with Words.

Another poem ‘Double Life‘ by Reema D’souza which will leave the reader with a sigh.

Here comes a poem ‘Lonely Soul‘ written by Nibha, expressing the dark loneliness so painfully beautiful.


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  1. 😀 yes, there are women bloggers everywhere.. 😛 Wonderful poems shared Vinitha 🙂 Loved ’em all. Saru’s poems are my all time favorite and I loved Nibha’s poem more! Hats off!

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