Friday, December 03, 2021

A Sneak From The Past

I am starting a new series named ‘A sneak from the past’ where I will be summarizing old posts of fellow bloggers. I will put the link to the original post and give my opinion about the same here. I will try to contact the bloggers before publishing their content here. I won’t be putting up the post as such. Maybe just the excerpt from the post.

The idea is to visit those forgotten posts from the past. Unlike books, blog posts are often forgotten as time flies, even by the authors themselves. Every day new posts are finding their way on the blogosphere. I hope it will excite you as much it is exciting me in revisiting the past posts.

To begin with I am planning to share posts from 3 different bloggers.

Wait for the first peek of ‘A sneak from the past’ in the coming week.

Linking this to NaBloPoMo November – Day 13.


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