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A Sort of Gratitude Post

August, being my birthday month, it’s one of my favorite months. But this year that was the only nice thing that had happened in August. It’s too late to write gratitude post for August, I am aware – but sometimes we need to stop thinking about everything else and go with the flow. So today I am choosing to share this imperfect gratitude post with you.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer
Gratitude Post

It was a dull month despite the scorching hot sun casting its glare upon the mortals who complained about this constant presence. The monsoon rains failed us miserably. Dark clouds appeared again and again but couldn’t keep up with the hot sun that they disappeared into the thin air just like that! Of course, the dust storms were hopeful, but all it brought was dust and more dust with no much rain to wash it away.

Waiting for the rain proved to be a neverending one. But the pain of the wait was bearable compared to the back pain that became a constant companion of yours truly. Pain rattled out the productiveness that was growing within me and I became disinterested in finishing the projects I was working on. Terrible thing, this pain is. Some nights it managed to even throw off sleep away from me. Mischief managed it must have sniggered.

Things are getting better and I am finding out what works for me. Thirty minutes of the daily walk can do wonders. So now no matter how sick I am, I walk. With the watchful eyes of Mr.Sun pacing the outsides, I finish my walks in the comforts of my house. There is a solution to every problem. It may not be a perfect solution, but we imperfect people should stop waiting for the perfect moments and perfect solutions. Work with what we got. Right?

Kanna’s school opened after summer vacation in August. My 4th grader was so excited and happy to go back to school and meet his friends. I felt a little dejected and abandoned. My prevailing sense knows that this is how it would be and that this is perfectly normal and I am sort of in a relief too – but still the lump in my throat and the heaviness in my chest are working together to put this loving mother to break into a state of “my baby does not want me anymore” rambles more often than not. Hmmph!

Of course, my almost-three-year-old is showering me with kisses and hugs every possible minute. He replies “I lullu Amma” with so much sweetness that I almost forgive him for the kicks he delivers every night without fail on my neck, back, and face.

The push and pull effect these little humans have on us parents are incredible. I want to freeze the moments, but moments are transpiring into years in the blink of an eye. I feel like a clueless 10-year-old who conjured up a mesmerizing future in her mind’s eye and before I knew it everything is evaporating in front of my (mind’s) eyes. I want to yell that this is just my figment of imagination, now give me the time to live this dream. Oh well, time’s up!

All in all, August was an ordinary month with extraordinary levels of disappointment creeping inside my head. However, I feel grateful for this ordinary life and getting to enjoy almost half of my life on planet earth. And that makes up for all the mortal feelings. 🙂

[Tweet “When we look at the not so great moments too with a grateful heart, that’s when gratitude becomes a way of living and not a give and take transaction.”]

Tell me one thing you are grateful for at this moment.

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6 thoughts on “A Sort of Gratitude Post

  1. Even if it is few, I think it’s good that we can count these few positive moments in a month. Sometimes it gets hard to see these positive things when we get overwhelmed with bad things occurring in our life. I love reading these gratitude posts because it reminds me of exactly that… To never forget the good things happening.

  2. It happens! It happened with me too. For a week I was in a gloomy state of mind. I let go of my laptop, forgot about my blog, focused on my art, instead and just gave myself some me-time. But, with time, my mental health improved (these hormones, I tell you!) and today I am in a much better space, mentally. And, for that, I am ever so grateful! How I wish I could hold on to this very moment when I am feeling so hopeful and positive. 🙂

  3. I think you seem to have had a fairly decent month though the back pain must have been crippling. I can only imagine how terrible you must have felt. But your joys in your kids and your daily walk must have definitely lifted your spirits. Contrary to popular belief, moving around is actually better for your back than just lying around. Hope September is going well .

  4. Things can never be dull around your younger one 🙂 I like what he has to tell you to lift up your spirits. I hope with your back pain improving, you get back to your projects soon because we are waiting for the next lesson in Scratch.

  5. That quote says it all, Vinitha. Even if it is a few, it’s amazing that you found those little things to be thankful for. That is life, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. How’s the back ache, Vinitha? I hope you are feeling better generally, with things even though they may not be perfect! What you say about not waiting for life to be perfect really speaks to me because I’m in a similar state of mind as you are, and every single minute when things don’t go according to plan, I remind myself of all the things that I’m grateful for! Feels so much better when we do that, so I completely echo your thoughts on that.

    Honestly, that little one is lavishing you with all the love that the older one has grown out of exhibiting but you know what, even though they grow older, these kids still depend on us mentally and emotionally in more ways than they can express. I can say that as a mum of a 15 yo, trust me!

    So happy to read your beautiful post today, Vinitha.
    P.S. I’m sure seeing my response (which is almost like a blogpost) you can tell I loved it.
    Hugs, my friend!

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