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A Wonderful Outing and Some Reflections #SoulfulSunday

Last week we went on a trip to see the fall colors. The trip was fabulous. We Phoenicians are deprived of fall colors and winter wonderland experiences if not for our cooler cities on the north side. The trip to Flagstaff is laced with vistas of gorgeous mountains all around us.

This being the first time we went to see the fall colors in the countryside, it was a rather exciting trip for us. Normally, we visit Flagstaff in December or January when there is snow.

The floral carpet was beautifully laid out waiting for our arrival. It was a fabulous view. The sea of forest decided to change the outfit to a colorful yellow shade. Seeing it in real life was an incredible experience and we decided that we will make a trip to this side every year during the fall season.

After treating our eyes and mind to such a delightful view and being pleased with how wonderful the trip was, we set back to our home. We should’ve gotten home in less than three hours. But as luck would have it, it took close to six hours to reach home.

The traffic on the way back was excruciatingly painful.

We were crawling and at times not even crawling. Needless to say, with two kids in the car the return trip was horrendous.

I started getting a slight headache that soon developed into a fully grown monster of migraine headache that I was unfortunately too familiar with.

When we got back home around 9:00 pm I was too exhausted to even stand up or sit up straight. After throwing up quite liberally and taking a painkiller to get the pain down, I rested for the rest of the night.
Thankfully the next morning I woke up pain-free.

While I was in the car waiting in the heavy traffic battling the migraine, I started to despise the whole trip. If only we didn’t go! But then was it nice of me to paint the whole trip that all of us enjoyed to the fullest in a negative shade just because the last leg of the journey didn’t go as we expected? Would it be wise to avoid the entire trip in fear of the traffic?

But then this is a human tendency, isn’t it? We are fearless to enjoy a positive moment, but it is a challenge for us to accommodate the obstacles that particular experience presents. We would rather do away with the whole experience even if 90 percent of it is filled with positive heartwarming moments, in fear of the obstacles that we may have to deal with.

As these thoughts popped into my mind, I decided to let go of the traffic and the headache troubles.
Memories should highlight the positive moments. In the future, I shall talk about the traffic in parenthesis as a side note. This trip in October shall be etched in the pages of my diary as one of the fabulous ones that I would like to revisit again and again.

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday

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6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Outing and Some Reflections #SoulfulSunday

  1. Such vibrant hues in each frame! Loved the blues of the skies and the yellows of the trees. Thanks for sharing this brilliant album, Vini! And, I guess, nature did have a positive effect on your mind, Vini. See, how it helped you focus on the good times instead of getting pulled into the abyss of negativity!

  2. Stunning sights to see, Vinitha! You are indeed lucky my dear, for being in the vicinity of such breathtaking beauty! I loved the glorious shades of yellow…they are all amazing shots, especially the tree captures. I can imagine how you felt, given the intensity of your migraine…and yes, it’s but natural to feel like that, but you know once the dark clouds pass away (I mean the migraine!) everything becomes nice again, right? Beautiful post, Vinitha and thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I’m sorry it didn’t end too well.
    I love the question you raised. I think we do often let pain and sadness define whole experiences. Shouldn’t be so.

  4. The fall colours of Flagstaff looked amazing. Yes, it happens that we tend to paint the whole trip or even in the way how they come to an end. If the end is negative, we see the whole experience to be not worthwhile. If the end is positive (even though the beginning was negative), we would consider the experience as mixed or maybe a good one if we feel high at the end.
    As for me, I don’t like the return journey home when we go on a vacation to Coorg ( that’s the only place we happen to go everytime when we need an outing) and I love the return journey home when I have to come back from visiting everyone in Delhi.

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