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Am I a Feminist or Not?

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I was reading few feminist blogs and I realized I don’t like the word feminist but I like what they do. Is it even possible? I feel like a hypocrite.

I was writing down why I am not a feminist. But half way through I realized I am going hand in hand with any other feminist view then how can I not be a feminist. It got me thinking!!

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Raja Ram Mohan Roy (I still am). I believe I always stood up for what I think was right. That did give me the arrogant status at least among a few (where in fact am a sweet-natured girl). The word Feminism resonated highly with arrogance and stubborn. Somehow it got into my head that feminists are a group of arrogant, modern women. Pardon me for my ignorance.

A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.  I do, I really do support the rights and equality of women.

When I read the articles which enlightened me with the movements, the campaigns, the involvements, the efforts a feminist puts in, I realized why I am not a feminist. I haven’t been a part of any of these anytime. Thats when it became apparent to me why I don’t tag myself as a feminist. It has nothing to do with the word as such. And it has everything to do with my actions.

As far as thought process goes I am a feminist, all the way. But I have never been a part of the movement – like the woman in action – never.
So Yes, thinking wise I’m a stubborn, arrogant, modern woman. Not always in behaviour though. But do not get deceived by my behaviour – the feminist in me is always vigilant and active inside my head, it will spring into action the moment you deny my rights!

And yes I am confident to say I am a feminist at heart.


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  1. Even I am a feminist! May we all champion the cause of women.
    Women are not inferior in any way. Feminism is a state of mind, an attitude…

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