Friday, September 25, 2020
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And off he goes..

Yesterday Kanna started his first day of Year one at his new school. Unlike last year, he was a little nervous this time. He talked less, answered only when he was asked,  made less eye contact, but he didn’t say that he was nervous or anything of that sort. Yes, he is growing up and he is learning to keep calm regardless of how he is feeling.


I, on the other hand, was very nervous. I didn’t show my nervousness either, I think so, I hope so! It’s a new school. Most of the kids know each other already. And to top it off, Kanna started two days after the school opened. This time my husband was also having the same thoughts as mine. So I had company. Sending our precious little one off to school is probably one of the difficult tasks we have to deal with as parents. Yeah, I get the free time. I get quiet time, absolutely quiet. In fact, it is pin drop silence here other than for the tapping of the keys. I enjoy that quietness. I love my solitude. But, on the other side, it is a reminder that Kanna is not here. I don’t have to go to the kitchen every ten minutes to get the cookies or the juice or the water. Time is mine and mine alone right now. And so I started typing this post yesterday and stopped at the first paragraph. I couldn’t write anything more with his thoughts weighing me down. So I did the next best thing I do when I am stressed out. Cleaning!

In the evening, when I picked him up from the school, he seemed happy. I asked about his day and he answered, “Awesome!” He told me that some of the kids didn’t let him play with them, one of them didn’t share a toy with him, but another girl taught him to do hula hoop. He told that a kid in his class was so funny, that he was the funniest kid ever and made him laugh so much, but he forgot to ask that kid’s name! He was happy on how it all went.

When I look at it objectively, I feel calm and rational. I feel peaceful that he is dealing with all sorts of situations rather rationally. He understands that this is a new school and there might be delays in making friends. I know that he is not all happy about the situation, but he is dealing with it very well. I imagine how happy he could have been had he went back to his old school, and I feel sad that we are depriving him of his happiness (not intentional though), that unadulterated, effortless joy of meeting your friends after summer vacation. He kept talking about his friends throughout his stay at home. And now, he is dealing with changes and trying to make new friends. I know that he is going to be okay and that he is going to make friends soon. I know that this is only part of life. I know that all this is okay. But..

When we reached home he exclaimed, “Amma, you did a good job here!” Told ya, I do a great cleaning job when I am stressed out. And I have a great kid who notices every little thing. Yeah, it’s going to be okay! 🙂

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35 thoughts on “And off he goes..

  1. Things falling back in place.. good. Its more difficult for the child, but they also adapt quickly. I had to change my sons schools too though we had not shifted. Initially, they were morose about it. But in a week or so, they got over it and started enjoying.

    1. Until I see his wide smile, I will be restless. He was and is excited about going to school, but at school I see his excitement is less. I believe that it will be back as he makes friends and gets comfortable with the school. 🙂

  2. So good to know that Kanna has started school already. Did he get admission in the school of your choice? It is brave of him to keep a calmer self inspite of the nervousness. There is so much for us to learn from our children. Children in most cases are far more positive than us. Cheers for the cleaning part. I can imagine your squeaky clean house. These days I have made washing laundry as a stress buster. As soon as I realise I am feeling a bit low, I switch on the washing machine. Laundry never ceases and the manual labour that a semi-automatic washing machine involves takes the steam and the frost out of the mind 😀

    1. Yes, we got into the school of our choice. So it’s great actually! Yeah, children are wiser than grown-ups. 🙂 You know Anamika, whenever I have a fight with my husband, I do the dishes. 🙂 It’s therapeutic for me. Weird, but helps in keeping me engaged and cleaning up the sink and actually calms me down. 🙂

      1. Its not weird. I think when we focus on a job using our physical energy (because we can’t use our mental energy which is abysmal at that moment) we guide our mind away from the disturbing thoughts. Thus we feel lighter.
        Please don’t think that I am into becoming a therapeutic healer 😀

        1. You are absolutely right! I focus the negative energy on the dishes rather than on my husband. 🙂 You can try out the healer position if you want to, Okay? :

            1. Yes, I will visit. I was occupied with all sending him to school last few days, I did not visit other blogs. I even took a break from writing for WOM this month. I saw your post but didn’t stop by to read. Will be reading soon 🙂

  3. I hate the first day of school, especially when I sent my kids off to kindergarten, first day of intermediate school, junior high, and now high school. I was a nervous wreck about how they fared. Relief overwhelmed me to see their smiling faces when the bus finally arrived in the afternoon. ♥

    1. Thank you, Corinne. I can’t see his pure joy as he used to have in the other school, he says he doesn’t have many friends here. I am hoping that in a week’s time, he will make some good friends as he used to have before and I get to see his eyes sparkling with joy!

  4. I also clean on the first day of school! It’s my stress reliever. My body calms after a few days and I get accustomed to the quiet again, but it feels so odd not to have them here with me all day after the summer.

    I’m glad the new school is going well!

    1. Yes, cleaning is a stress buster! I am so glad to know that it’s just not me. 🙂 It takes some getting used to for both the parents and the kids. Thank you, Mel. 🙂

  5. The thought of Kanna going to school and controlling all his feelings is heart warming. I was just wondering how kids learn to do it so soon. Last year Vi was excited the first 2 weeks but when he started crying, it was all a great mess. We felt horrible for sending him. I told my husband, “Shall I keep him at home? I don’t want him to be sad.” Finally it all passed. Now the first few days in the new school, it’s so peaceful. I am still worried about the 2 week mark. 🙁 I don’t know what you call that.

    1. Yes, it is heartwarming, Uma. 🙂 I want to do the same, keep him at home. 🙂 I am sure Vi will do great. 🙂 But we moms can’t stop worrying, right? 🙂

  6. Kids! They just adapt so quickly, don’t they? We are the ones with all the nervousness and the rest 🙂
    Glad he’s adapted well. More power to him.

    Psst: How much longer before my blog gets on to your ‘I follow’ list? 😛

    1. Yeah, they adapt quicker than us. But today morning he cried saying that he misses me. This episode happened after we reached school and he was settled in. Broke my heart to see my little one in tears. You know he never did that before. Making friends was always easy for him.
      Anyways, I am not able to find a follow button in your blog, Mister! Is subscribing to emails the only way? Or subscribing makes it appear in my blog list by default?

  7. So sweet he looks. Glad that despite the initial jitters all went well and your lil man is liking at his new school. Great going 🙂

  8. I am far removed from those first days, transitions to new grades and new schools to feel swetly nostalgic about the times. I’m glad the first day went well. May that wellness continue.

  9. That’s too good. Glad that your kid finally got into the school of your choice. Things fall in place most of the times, we worry for no reason. All the best.

  10. Aaaahhh.. More than the kids, the moms are the ones feeling down in the dump seeing their nervous faces.. I still remember when my kids went to school the first day, and I was home crying after dropping them off 😀

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