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Another Adventure

I know I have bragged about my daily blogging adventure here already. But you have to bear with me while I share what I learned about blogging/writing by blogging daily. 🙂

By the last week of October, I was confident that I can write daily, obviously because I was doing it already. There was no need to push me. No more deadlines staring at me. Of course, it was overwhelming in the beginning. Because it is impossible to be at your creative best daily. Somedays nothing new strikes the mind. But when I did the commitment to write daily I dug deep inside my head to bring the creative space out. I had to force myself to find that special spot. And I did. Once that was done it got easy from there. All I have to think was I have some writing to do. And the amazing part was I was writing during weekends too. Both my husband and kid gave me space to write. You know one of those ‘all puzzles falling in place smoothly’ story.

Then came November 1st, and I thought I am not signing up for any daily blogging activities for this month. Because you know, I can write daily. But did I write? On the morning of November 3rd I still haven’t written anything. That’s 3 days continuously. By evening, I signed up for NaBloPoMo. And this time I enrolled both of my blogs. Yes, that’s quite ambitious, I know.

What I learned from last month and the beginning of this month is that, I will write when I am committed to it. I learned that I have the ability to do that. But I won’t do it unless I am committed. Writing in two blogs daily is going to be challenging for sure. But what is a challenge if it is not challenging, right? 😉 It doesn’t matter if I miss one or two posts in between. It matters that I am trying.

So my dears, you will be hearing a lot more from me this month. Come back here every day to read what I share and to motivate me if I miss a post. And do check out my creative writings at Void Thoughts too.

Are you making any commitments towards writing? Do you need motivation from somewhere else to keep you in track? Do let me know. I can stalk you and push you to write more if you want me to do that. Share with me in the comments.

Linking to Day 2 of NaBloPoMo – November.


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  1. Greetings fellow NaBloPoMo participant 🙂 I’m on the same road – posting every day, and learning a little about myself along the way too. Will try to follow your posts!

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