Thursday, July 09, 2020
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An experience – First week of school.

This week my little boy started his schooling. He was very much excited to go to school, the new uniform and book bag added more enthusiasm to his already excited mind. I had mixed feelings though – happy to see his excitement, nervous about his new surroundings, relieved that he is adjusting to all the changes swiftly, hesitant to let him explore the world on his own, tensed about how he manages without me. Yes, the usual mommy feelings..

He already made friends while waiting outside the classroom, it didn’t matter that we are in a new country. The day before that his teachers visited our home as part of their home visit program. And they asked about his ability in making new friends. I replied that he is good in making friends but mostly he prefers to observe first and then mingle. On his first day at school he did the observing part little and the mingling part more.

There were no tears not even from a single kid. I saw that kids of this generation knows how to use their independence better than ours. They were happy and excited, no clinging to mom, no “I don’t want to go to school, mom”, no crying. Only moms trying to suppress their separation anxiety!

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  1. Lovely to learn that your little one got adjusted to school right from Day-1.
    Best wishes 7 lots of love to him, Vinitha 🙂
    I still remember the first day of school for my daughter some years ago. She had great separation anxiety.

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