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Be Your Own Lighthouse #SoulfulSunday

Forget your past, forgive yourself and begin again right now

Every morning is an opportunity to begin again. I wouldn’t have believed that some years ago. But now I believe that to bring any change in life, all we need is to decide and act.

There is no need to wait for signs from the Universe. There are not going to be any miracles that result in a new life.

All it takes is our decision to do this instead of that.

Sometimes I feel that we get used to our ways too much that we blame it on fate, destiny, circumstances, etc. instead of going for what we want.

Stop blaming what is not in our control. Instead, ask yourself what do I need to do to achieve this. One step forward, however small that step is, is still progress. The positive vibe and confidence that surrounds one as a result of an action-based life are profound.

So next time when you catch yourself sighing ‘if only’ pause and ask what can I do to change that feeling. Answer honestly. And take that first smallest and easiest step. And keep moving forward.

Remember, the Universe helps those who help themselves.

Soulful Sunday- Be your own lighthouse
Soulful Sunday

These are some of the things I am trying to follow to get rid of the dangerous self-pity talk and to fill my mind with positive energy.

I know I can and I will.

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday

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5 thoughts on “Be Your Own Lighthouse #SoulfulSunday

  1. I’ve been there so many times so I can totally relate to the train of thoughts in your post. Absolutely agree with what you say, Vinitha! It’s that ONE small step that we need, to get past the inability to take timely action. Just getting started on what we have at hand is some times the most practical thing to do. Instead of getting into THINKING mode we need to get into the DOING mode. But, yes, a lot of it depends on our will power at the time to get started. Willpower is a very important pre-requisite that drives action takers. But, most of the time, nobody talks about it.

  2. How true your advice rings VBinitha. Regrets and look backwards only stop us from going ahead. Like the Nike ad, one should just DO IT

  3. I so agree. The Universe will help you only if you help yourself first! It’s we who have to push ourselves and work towards fulfilling our goals. And the first step we take towards it, will decide if we have it in us to accomplish what we set out to do.

  4. Complaining and blaming others robs us of our internal power which is the crucial most aspect in finding our way to leading a life of positivity. Taking responsibility of our own selves and deciding to bring our acts together is empowering. Based upon my experience, when one changes the chat going on in one’s head for the good, the receptivity to the universe’s signs gets increased. The universe is always giving us signs and it is the cluttering inside us which prohibits us from recognising them. And, please do believe that miracles happen. You read about it in one of my posts, didn’t you?

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