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Because Mommy Needs To Laugh A Little!

I don’t categorize myself as a voracious reader. I try to limit my reading dosage as I had proved early on that I have an addiction to reading which could take over my life forever and ever. But reading is definitely a part of my daily routine.

Currently, I am reading ‘The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi’ by Elif Shafak. This is my first read by Elif Shafak and I am thoroughly enjoying this book.

Also, I am proud to say as much as I love reading this book, I haven’t let it take over my life.

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Yesterday when I was immersed in the pages of The Forty Rules of Love, Kanna came to me and announced that he thinks I should read a book called ‘Nerd No More‘. He read this book recently as part of their school curriculum and in his opinion, I should too because it will help me.

He continued that Nerd No More is a light read from the perspective of a 6th grader; it’s funny and definitely a must read for me.

Listening to his gyan, I found it my duty to brag about my current read and proceeded to do so. I ended my case by adding that this book is based on the stories that are taking place in two different centuries – one in the 13th century another in the 21st century and is a delightful read.

Kanna replied, “You always read serious books. That’s why I think you should read Nerd No More. It will show you a different perspective. It will make you laugh.”

I agreed to read the said book. The kid thinks that his mom needs to laugh a little. Who am I to deny that!

Guess what’s going to be my next read?!

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11 thoughts on “Because Mommy Needs To Laugh A Little!

  1. Wow! You are a lucky mommy, Vinitha—I love it when kids recommend books. In my case, its always me who goes about asking to find out what goes on in the teen’s life and what he finds interesting. ‘Nerd No More’ sounds interesting. I’d love to take a sneak peek at it if I came across a copy. One thing I must say to you—Mommy, you definitely need to lighten up. Your kiddo knows you need to stop reading serious stuff always. 🙂

  2. Aww, that is so adorable! My son has also reached the age where he is recommending books to me now.

    Also, mommy definitely needs to laugh a little, so the kid is spot on! 😀

  3. I am amused to learn that Kanna wants you to read ‘Nerd no more’ because it will help you. He is right you need a big, hearty laugh and the 40 rules of love is only going to make you more emotional and yeah, also serious. Do tell him, there is someone else too who needs a good laugh and thus she is going to keep an eye on finding ‘Nerd no more’ to read.

  4. Not only you have book recommendation, but also a kid who wants you to laugh a bit more. It is heartwarming.

  5. Oh thats so so precocious Vini – I hope you do read the book and regale us with a post on it too please.

    40 rules is a gorgeous book; please take your time reading it to savor it all the way 🙂

  6. Hey, now that Kanna has suggested you read the book so that it will make you laugh, well, you SHOULD read it! You do need to laugh, regularly, and what better than kid lit to help you with it? We all need to bring out that kid who hides inside of us all the time and craves to come out, but feels scared about what will people think! Hmm? ;P

  7. Hahaha, he’s totally right! We all need to let ourselves loose once in a while 🙂

    Forty Rules Of Love is a breathtakingly good book! Actually, anything by Elif Shafak is.

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