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Challenges I face while blogging daily.

Every day is different. Some days I am at my creative best. On such days, I would be done with a post as early as 6:30 in the morning. Then there are those days where I would still be thinking about what to write at 6:00 in the evening. I try to finish writing before 6pm every day (because it is difficult to write past that time).

It is quite challenging on those days when I struggle to pen down. It isn’t that I lack ideas. I have so much of them. Some sitting in the draft. Some inside my head. But then sometimes it is difficult to convey them in a manner that would appeal to others. You can’t read cluttered words accumulated inside my head, can you? I have to go through them first, then declutter it, then word them so that it is presentable and then type it and publish it. It is silly to tell you all this as you experience the process yourself while blogging, isn’t it?

Now, that’s not the only challenge I face. Time, that is another constraint. I do get time to write most days, but there are some days like weekends –  to squeeze in writing with the two boys(my husband and kid) at home is challenging. It isn’t that our weekends are jam packed. But we get busy even on a not-anything-to-do weekend. And this was one such weekends.

As I told you before, I have enrolled both the blogs for NaBloPoMo this month. So far, I rate myself needs improvement. I am running 2 days behind in this blog and at Void Thoughts 4 days behind.

What do you think, would I be able to catch up for the rest of the month? Or would I fail this time? Did I make a mistake by enrolling 2 blogs to blog daily?



Linking to Day 7 of NaBloPoMo – November.


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  1. It’s tough to blog daily. I had to stop only because of my shoulder. Else I’d be doing NaBloPoMo with you. Check out my post on how to write daily, on the mom blog. It may help. Good luck for the rest of November. It’s a wonderful exercise.

    1. I know, Shailaja. And I miss you daily posts. I love both your fictional ones and parenting posts. I will check out the write up. Yes, it is a very rewarding exercise. I have successfully completed NaBloPoMo at Void Thoughts last month. That feeling is awesome. Hope your shoulder is getting better. Take care.

    1. Well, child is going to school now. That is why I am getting courageous in this regard. But it is challenging. And the truth is I am loving it. All the best to you too, Shail. I am not able to follow you daily, but I will visit whenever time permits. 🙂

  2. The fact that you have enrolled both your blogs despite your busy schedules at home is a testimony to your hardwork in ensuring that your blog is updated daily. All the best as you move forward :).

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