Monday, October 25, 2021
Soulful Sunday
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Change, the only Constant #SoulfulSunday

Change is the only constant. But nobody likes change. That’s a universal truth too. While I was explaining Newton’s laws of motion to Kanna these thoughts got into my head.

The truth is everything is changing and evolving every day. There is no denying that. There is no stopping that.

But we don’t like change. Though, we are forced to accept these changes.

Now with COVID at play, things have changed, are changing, rather quickly. And these changes are not the kind we are able to accept or understand that easily.

However, what can we do other than going with the flow! One year passed by since things took a rather drastic turn for the whole world, and here we are still groping in the dark in the hope that things would go back to how it was.

I can’t wait to restore the regularity and the mundanity of daily routines the pre-COVID days had. There was a comfort in that mundane routines which I miss now.

Who would’ve thought all of these would become a distant dream! Had I known this, would I have complained a little less about the boring routines? If I am told today is going to cut short and become a distant dream soon, would I stop wishing for those yesterdays?

But then nobody ever promised that today is everlasting! Change is the only constant.

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday

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3 thoughts on “Change, the only Constant #SoulfulSunday

  1. Just what I told myself last evening as I stressed over something. Life is constantly changing, and today’s difficult times will soon change into something beautiful tomorrow, you.never know!
    As far as life going back to the pre-covid days is concerned, I doubt that’s happening anytime soon. And if and when that does happen, I am sure we will have (unconsciously) gotten used to the new life and might find those pre-covid days strange, alien, even. We are constantly changing and evolving, too! 🙂

  2. Those pre-covid days! Aah! I think I have completely forgotten now how and what were they. For a year, from March 2020 to March 2021, I dreamt of things getting normal, the 2 other humans leaving the house on time everyday leaving me free to be with myself for the day and to do my own stuff in solitude. Things had begun to look promising but another change was waiting in its tracks to appear as soon as the month changed bringing with itself the more deadly second wave. And with this, all my hopes and dreams of claiming my solitude got squashed. My dreams have changed now. I am no longer dreaming those same things now. I have an inkling we shall never be able to go back to the sort of days we enjoyed (or not so enjoyed) as in the past and I believe this is for the best.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with you, Vinitha! Change is constant. So much in our lives still continues to change even after all these months. The change is now the constant, right? Whatever we had in our lives earlier feels more like a dream. I too doubt if the pre-Covid times will ever come back or even if they do, if they’ll ever be the same as before. Nowadays, we are living out our days in perpetual fear and uncertainty, having to deal with the news of untimely deaths, knowing our little moments of joys are so short-lived, unsure of our own existence in this planet, and those of our loved ones. Who ever thought life would come to this?

    Accept change or perish—that’s the dictum. Truth has never been so brutal.

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