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Declutter! #SoulfulSunday

abstract background with swirls multicolor splashes of paints
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the clatter in mind never subsides
though I wish to get rid of, it one by one
neither do I want to talk about the clutter my mind hoards all day long

it seeps in, everywhere
my sleep suffers in its wrath
across my mind,
all over my dreams,
spills the clutter
so does the clatter

i don’t wish to talk about the clutter in my mind
until I get rid of them one by one

but, what if the only way to get rid of them is by talking about them!

but then, what’s the point in thinking about what-ifs
when all it can lead to is endless confusion,
and some more clutter?

The mind is a curious thing, isn’t it? It retrieves those memories that we presume are lost at the oddest of moments. I am forever fascinated with the mind and the game it plays. There is no limit. The ability to think, to conjure up all sorts of imaginations — oh, we owe so much to our mind!

A little clutter and clatter is just a harmless side-effect. Right? After all, this clutter gives birth to stories and poems. No wonder, time sees me going back, again and again, to pick up the pieces and polish them and keep them aside, instead of tossing them out.

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by ShilpaAnamika, and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday


An IT Professional, an author, an accidental blogger, a lover of words and a recent self-care addict. I love stringing words together, which I lovingly call a poem. You can read my affair with words at Void Thoughts( and Reflections..(

4 thoughts on “Declutter! #SoulfulSunday

  1. A cluttered mind doesn’t seem like a good thing but it’s better than an empty one, right? And like you said it gives rise to thoughts and poems and stories so it couldn’t possibly be all bad. If only we could organise all our thoughts into neat little shelves life would be better.

  2. I guess clutter provides the food for thought on some days and that is why clutter isn’t always a bad idea, Vinitha. I like what Tulika says about organising thoughts into neat shelves. How lovely would that be!! My head is always cluttered with thoughts about everything under the sun and stacked up to the top (!!) …so a lot of shuffling is happening all the time. I have to pick and choose what I need. Only during meditation can I see them gently gliding away (only for a short while, though) but that too is extremely therapeutic, you know.

  3. Interesting take – yes, the clutter is helpful, but what if we put down thoughts more often in note books – just a quick scribble? I’ve started keeping a small notebook with my Morning Pages book – so as some ideas occur I quickly put them down. It helps.. but I still have a long way to go. As long as the clutter is not destroying us, I think it would be useful.

  4. I have not thought of clutter in a while now. Going by the above comments, I realise the common consensus is some amount of clutter is good as long as it is constructive allowing stories and poems to come out of it. You say “what if talking about the cluttering thoughts will make them vanish”. I would say it isn’t a bad idea. Expose them and see them shrivel away.

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