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Do you complain?

On a normal day, how many times do you complain? About weather, living expenses, traffic, other people, work, or about something else?

I used to complain a lot. But now my complaints have come down a lot too. (My husband might beg to differ here. 🙂 ) It wasn’t a conscious decision to let go of complaints. At some point, I got exhausted with how unsatisfied I was getting due to the not so important whinings. Those whinings took up a major part of my day. The problem with these small frets is that they won’t make the trouble go away. Instead, the tiny little problem will seem to look bigger and that adds to the dissatisfaction.

When we were in the UK, everyone in India constantly talked about the hot climate in India. So when we landed in India, we were ready to get fried by the raging hot weather. And yeah, it was hot. After all, we came from 8-degree celsius to 35-degree celsius and the difference in number was big. My son asked, “Why is it so hot in India?”, when we stepped out one afternoon. But he didn’t complain. He accepted that it is hot and preferred to stay inside, but that didn’t stop him from exploring the outside.

I hear everyone around me constantly complaining about the scorching heat. But honestly, I feel different. In Kerala, this summer it rained so heavily that many mornings and nights were colder than usual summer. Last year when we were at Palakkad, Kanna couldn’t sleep many nights because of the hot summer. But this time it wasn’t hot like last time.

And still, people complain.

I feel sorry for them all. Instead of complaining why not send a gratitude note to Mother nature for sprinkling us with raindrops. And when was our land cold ever? I don’t remember. Not during summer holidays anyways. Then why can’t we just accept the weather the way it is and quit complaining? But then how can we do that to Mother nature when most of us point out to our moms about the dish she prepared for us as too salty or less spicy.

Isn’t it time to stop looking at the negativities on such small things and say thanks to the generous giver?

I am sure there will be a lot more to complain about, because, well, there are. But won’t it make everyone a little less stressed out if we focus on the goodness of life?

Write Tribe Festival of Words
Write Tribe Festival of Words

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17 thoughts on “Do you complain?

  1. Well, it takes a contended life to reduce the number of times one complains.
    When personal life sucks, we curse even the signal that falls red just when you are about to cross it 🙂

    1. Yes, a contended life reduces the number of complains. But sometimes people resort to complaining as a way of living. I have experienced positive changes in my outlook after I started complaining less, even though life is the same. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Dinesh. 🙂

  2. Complaining about the weather is something most people do. 🙂 Here in Canada, it’s considered a sport! Venting about it alleviates the frustration of it. LOL My husband says I complain too much, but I call it making conversation. 😉 Seriously though, I agree that spending all day complaining about small things is draining and stressful. Definitely better to concentrate on the good.

  3. It makes me laugh when the same people who complained bitterly about the freezing cold winter and how it dragged on for what seemed like forever, complain bitterly about the roasting hot summer and how they can never seem to get cool. Humans are funny creatures. 🙂

  4. I am with you there Vinitha..Complaining never solved a problem but staying positive and not complaining helps. Enjoyed reading your post as always..

  5. Good message, to count our blessings!
    My mother once told me a story when I was a kid about a fort that would change color according to the weather (red in summer and black in winter). The people living near the fort were never happy. They would constantly complain and pray for the color to change from red to black or black to red. They never seemed to reach a decision and were never satisfied!

  6. Guess, it’s the human nature to hit at things that goes awry. But, beautiful writing and uplifting when we realize that there is lil’ we can do.

  7. I’m surprised that complaining about the weather hasn’t been made into a professional, competitive sport here in the United States. But, I’m also hearing about a terrible heat wave in India with over 1400 dead so far. Compared to that, perhaps none of us should be complaining about the weather (or much else) – except, perhaps, for others undergoing true weather extremes.

  8. I think it’s human nature, we are never satisfied. And if complaining changes something for the better then I think complaining is a good thing. Too often we tolerate nonsense silently usually to the detriment of ourselves. Focussing on the positives though is always a good thing.

    1. I’m all up for that sort of complaining , Suzy. Sometimes we do tolerate nonsenses too much those which can be changed for good by complaining. Here in this post I’m pointing at the other complaints which by making only add to the dissatisfaction. A little gratitude would erase such complains and brings in lot of happiness in our lives. 🙂

  9. I agree with Suzy’s comments as there are two sides of complaining. I do complain quite a bit about various things and this post has made me conscious of that, something that ideally would be great to change to make life better! 😉 If I can worry less, I can complain less too! 😉 And then oftentimes when people complain about the rain here (which is very common), I usually say, I’d rather have rain than a flood or a tornado or something of the like. Like India’s heat wave or California’s water drought or Nepal’s recent earthquake, etc. Also, I was reminded this past weekend: I’d rather have a mouse in my house than a rat! 😉 It’s all a matter of perspective! 🙂 <3

    1. True, Elly. Complaining is much needed at times. Here I’m talking about the kind of complains that we very liberally use on a given day which won’t do any good to the mankind by complaining but only add to the disappointment. Just the way you told about preferring rain rather than flood, it’s all perception. 🙂

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