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Emotions Are Us!

My Dear Kanna, 

Sometimes you are happy and sometimes sad. Sometimes you will be angry and upset. Sometimes you are so brave. And at times you get scared too. These are the few emotions you are in touch with now. 

When you laugh I feel happy. When you cry I get upset that you are sad. When you look furious I get worried how to make you control the anger. When you declare “I’m brave Kanna” I feel proud. When you are scared I feel protective. 

Our life is filled with these emotions. No matter how small or big you are, you will continue to express all these emotions on a given day. And I will tell you, be happy for it. Even if its sadness you are feeling or angry at someone or scared for something, I think it means that you are living life worth living for.

My dear Kanna


Happiness all around all the time is nice, in theory!

If it weren’t for the disappointment that took you over when declined the toy you were fond of, you wouldn’t have experienced such joy when you got it finally. If it weren’t for that time when you got scared thinking that there is a monster hiding you wouldn’t have learned how courageous it is to try to overcome your fear.

Watching you going down those steps, to get the mail, mingled with fear and anxiety and coming back up with the mail in one hand, your face glittering with pride tingled with happiness in accomplishing the un-achievable task, is one those moments I relish as your mom..

You know what, its okay to be scared. I am scared most times. I was scared when I was having you. I was scared when you were in my arms. I am still scared of the days ahead. Being scared makes us want to tread carefully. And you know what, it takes much more courage to face the fear. 

All that aside, I want you to have all the happiness life can offer.

You are my brave little man. 





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  1. What a sweet touching post this is Vinitha! 🙂 I heard a youth-filled church service yesterday with the theme on emotions and it was quite interesting the various reasons why it was good to have them. You expounded on some of them! <3

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