Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Enriching a writer’s soul! #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

Criticisms. Who like them?

No one, you say?

But I disagree.

Aspiring writers, they thrive on criticisms. Today I got one such a critique on my latest post in Void Thoughts which is a Haiku. I am still navigating my way around this beautiful poetic expression called Haiku.

Writing is definitely a lonely affair. When the written words are read by others this affair flourishes furthermore and the comments and feedback motivate the writer to improve and continue with passion. Positive feedbacks are always welcomed with much affection and joy. It is thrilling to know that there are people out there who accepts, what I wrote with a doubtful mind, as worth reading. Wherein negative feedbacks aren’t always so warmly welcomed and because of that sporadically given. But I see those critiques as a genuine interest in the writer and the writings, an interaction which will lead the writer to improve.

Whenever I receive such critiques, the writer in me is thrilled beyond measure. Because the mere thought that someone out there is caring enough to point out the mistakes in my writing by spending their precious time, just so I could improve, is so gratifying. It is a selfless act in my opinion.

So thank you Bekkie, Shailaja, Parul and many others who helped me with their valuable feedbacks. Writing is not a solitary affair for me anymore!

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Vinitha Dileep
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9 thoughts on “Enriching a writer’s soul! #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

  1. I would really like to get some good criticisms so I can improve. Unlike you, Haiku is something I dont understand at all. I will give that one a miss.

  2. It feels so heart warming when you learn and grow over a period of time from your mistakes?
    Criticism is important and it only makes one better, if only one decides to take it that way..


  3. Hi . Great post . I feel , we should be open to criticism but we shouldn’t get affected by it . Criticism is meant to help us to be a better person . We learn from it . Would u mind giving a quick glimpse into my blog:)? I shall be glad enough to welcome all your reviews . U are a prolific writer . U touch hearts . Thanks for sharing this incredible article ! Good day

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