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Erasing from the past, would you? #FridayReflections

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If you could erase one person from your past, would you?

The question stared at me. And there, the charades of people with instances that scorched my soul, that I wanted to and would like to erase from my past flashed before my eyes. Oh no, I am exaggerating. There are only four, or five people who made the list.

As much as I hate dwelling in the past, this question made to travel down the memory lane and have a look over why I want them to be erased.

There is no denying, that life would have been easier without the bad experiences. But the more I thought about it, the more I realize the positive results of a bad experience, by extension people I would like to erase from my past. It wasn’t pleasant, but I have survived, haven’t I? My strength has been tested, and I am here, the stronger version. My tolerance level has been increased, hasn’t it?  Even better, now I know the difference between good and bad. Now I appreciate the goodness in people with no failure, with no reservations.

The impact of life lessons on me is made by both the good and the bad experiences in my life. Someone else’s conduct doesn’t dictate me. Yes, it was hard to experience all those which I would like to just erase from my past. Horrendous may have been the experience with someone, but if I learned to be strong, if I learned to appreciate the nice people in my life, if I learned to be grateful for my blessings, through those interactions, then there is no denying them a place in my past.The good ones are valued because the bad ones taught the value by being bad.

Is it complicated? Sure! It’s the way of life to make the simple things complicated and complicated ones simple.

So, given a chance, would you erase someone from your past?

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16 thoughts on “Erasing from the past, would you? #FridayReflections

  1. When we were chatting a few hours back, I did not know you were also in the same frame of mind as me – erasing some part of the past. I cannot delete or erase certain people because they gave me a hard time once for two important reasons – One they are close relations and second, as you said, they are responsible for making me a stronger person. I would like to keep them as a reminder for that.

  2. Somehow, I have not been in a very bad position and need to erase anything. But it must be tough to get back.

  3. I don’t think I will erase them as well. Do I wish they had never come into my life? Yes! But I really have learned a lot from these people and appreciate the wonderful ones in my life! Sometimes, we need to learn what not to do in our lives and we get to learn it from the hateful experiences!

  4. Interesting question! I don’t think there’s anyone I’d want to erase – good or bad, my experiences with them have made me who I am, and I’m ok with that. Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

  5. I wouldn’t erase anyone or anything because they were intrinsic in shaping my personality. I did consciously remove one toxic “friend” from my life many years ago and am much happier for it.

  6. I agree with Mimi. There are some people that I would love to erase…but would I still be me? Would I be a better me without them having touched my life even though their time in it seemed like hell on earth? So many questions to ponder with this one.

  7. I guess, the past experiences makes us stronger and help us define our future. There are quite a few bad experience but I shall not say, I would like to erase since it’s not good to lead a life with regret. Like they say, bring it on!!

  8. Yes we wrote a very similar post didn’t we, it is such thought provoking question but like you I know I am stronger due to the pain and suffering I went through. #Fridayreflections

  9. Erasing someone is just like google search,as when we search for something previous one pops up. When we try to erase that person and the connected experiences roll as reels in our mind.So better not to travel on that lane of the memory road.Nicely expressed.

  10. I liked the idea of erasing someone from your past. And I would willingly sign up for this, if it were possible.
    But still, I’ve realized, that some people in your life, came into your life, just so that you learnt to deal with similar people who are going to come your way in the future!
    Some people, who were a part of your past, are your ‘past’ for a reason- and that reason now makes you a better person.
    I’d rather have a Selective Amnesia disorder! I had written about it on my blog.. do check it out! 😀

  11. VERY tempting idea… but like you and the rest… even the worst people have provided me with a lesson for life.. and has in some weird way sometimes, made me stronger. Really interesting to think about though…

  12. You tackled the question so well, Vinitha! More power to you. I’ve often looked back and reflected on whether I’d like to change anything in my past…and after playing yo-yo with my thoughts, I’ve always concluded that no, I wouldn’t. 🙂 It makes us who we are. Hugs!

  13. Although I mostly think like you do I have to admit there are a couple of people I would erase because the pain they caused were not worth any lesson I could have learned. Sometimes there is just pure evil in the world no matter how hard we try to stay positive.

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