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Fiction Monday – 11

Hello and welcome to the eleventh edition of Fiction Monday.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour

I couldn’t write for last week’s #FictionMonday. I tried. Even scribbled two sentences. But words didn’t flow. Eventually, I gave up. Does that happen to you? Those are the times I feel that I am not a writer.

But you know what, I come back again to that lost battle of staring at the blank page and then words happen again at some point. As a writer majority of my time is spent on writing and striking down what I write.

Don’t let those some days where creativity feels blocked to stifle the writer out of you. Come back to your writing desk every day. Words will find you.

This week there were no entries for #FictionMonday. I wish you all a creativity filled week ahead.

Fiction Monday

The idea is simple – to write fiction. On Mondays, I will post the prompt here. There will be a word prompt and a picture prompt. You have one week to respond with a story. You can choose to include both the prompts in your story or just one prompt – the choice is yours.

The expected word count is between 50 and 250.

You have time till September 19th Saturday, 2020.

Don’t forget to add the link to your story in the comments below. I will share your creations here along with the prompts for the twelfth edition on Monday the 21st.

Word Prompt– SOFT

Picture Prompt –

black wooden framed black padded armchair
Photo by cottonbro on

*If you use the picture prompt, please give proper credit to the picture in your post.

Waiting to read your responses. ?

Fiction Monday

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11 thoughts on “Fiction Monday – 11

  1. You’re so right. Words elude us all the time and yet, words have a way for finding their way into our minds and onto our writing when we need them the most, often surprising us. I lost my flow to write and then on day, it crept upon me in the most unsuspecting way. So glad to add my link here today, Vinitha. Thank you for the nudge to make us write to such wonderful prompts, week after week.

  2. So true! It good to come back and try to write despite going through a phase of not being able to write. I haven’t written fiction in a really long time! I’ll try if I can come up with something.

  3. I have been on a hiatus for no specific reason, its just the motivation factor at times. And yes words fail you but underneath I guess its all about not being motivated enough , glad I wrote this week!

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